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The Introduce Parameter refactoring allows you to quickly add a new parameter to the method's signature.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET

Not supported: JavaScript

Not relevant: ASP.NET, XAML, HTML

To introduce a parameter

  1. Position the caret over the position where you want to add a new parameter.
  2. Press Alt+Insert. From the pop-up menu, select Introduce Parameter

    Introduce Parameter Select
  3. Telerik® JustCode™shows a dialog where you can customize the new parameter

    Introduce Parameter Dialog
  4. Press Introduce Parameter to introduce the new parameter or Cancel to abort the operation.
  5. The result is:

    Introduce Parameter Result

If you add a new parameter to a method that implements or overrides another method, Telerik® JustCode™ also modifies the base method and all implementors/overrides


To introduce a parameter you can also navigate on the main menu. Choose JustCode | Refactor | Introduce Parameter

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