Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

Telerik® JustCode™ can suggest you to change a color defined in code using an easy to use color picker. That way you can see in real time what color will be used.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET, XAML, CSS, LESS

Not supported: ASP.NET, Html, JavaScript

The behavior can be controlled in JustCode Options - JustCode / Options / Code Analysis / Hints.

When "Choose color" option is checked in the options dialog, then Telerik® JustCode™ will underline the color with a line colored correspondingly and provide you the ability to alter it using a color picker.

  1. Position the caret over an underlined color.
  2. Press Alt+Enter. From the pop-up menu, select Choose different color.

    Choose ColorCSS
  3. You will see a color picker through which you can easily change it:

    Color Picker

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