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Some of the Telerik® JustCode™'s commands have assigned keyboard shortcuts for easier execution. You can choose from four different predefined keyboard shortcuts profiles. They are designed for users with different programming background.

Purpose of keyboard shortcuts profiles

Before introducing keyboard shortcuts profiles, Telerik® JustCode™ had only one predefined set of shortcuts for its commands. These shortcuts were applied silently during the first Visual Studio startup after the installation of JustCode. This behavior is inconvenient to our users, so we introduced the shortcut profiles.

Now before applying a shortcuts profile, you will be able to see which one of the existing Visual Studio shortcuts conflicts with the Telerik® JustCode™'s shortcuts you are about to apply. And you will be able to choose which of the conflicting Telerik® JustCode™'s shortcuts to be applied and which to be skipped.

There are basically two types of shortcuts conflicts when applying a profile:

  • Conflicts, which 'steal' existing Visual Studio shortcuts. This is the case when the scope and shortcut of Telerik® JustCode™ command and Visual Studio command(s) are exactly the same. In this case the conflicting Visual Studio shortcuts will be removed.

  • Conflicts, which prevent the execution of existing Visual Studio shortcut(s). There are cases when the shortcuts are the same, but the JustCode command shortcut is defined in 'Text Editor' scope and Visual Studio command shortcut is defined in 'Global' scope. Other common cases are when JustCode command's shortcut consist of one keystroke but Visual Studio's command's shortcut consist of two keystrokes and the first keystrokes of both shortcuts are the same. For example Telerik® JustCode™ command has this shortcut "Text Editor::Ctrl+Alt+V" and Visual Studio command has this shortcut "Text Editor::Ctrl+Alt+V, L". In those cases the existing Visual Studio shortcuts will not be removed but it will not be possible to be executed.

Note: In both cases described above, you can choose whether the JustCode shortcut to be applied or not. For more details how to resolve shortcut conflicts, please see the appropriate section for Options dialog.

So having such keyboard shortcuts profiles in hand, you can decide which set of shortcuts to apply and in case of conflicts, which shortcuts to drop.

How to reset JustCodes' keyboard shortcuts in case there are problems with them

In some cases, when you apply a keyboard shortcuts profile and the active keyboard layout is non-english, it is possible some of Telerik® JustCode™'s shortcuts to fail when applying. This happens because some keyboard layouts are missing some of the keys which JustCode uses in its shortcuts. For example 'Turkish' keyboard layouts are missing VK_OEM_PLUS key (which is '=' key in English US keyboard layout). Such shortcuts will not be applied.

To fix any missing shortcuts you should apply a desired keyboard shortcuts profile again. To ensure that all JustCode's shortcuts will be applied correctly you should active 'English US' keyboard layout prior to applying the profile.

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