Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

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Telerik Telerik JustCode Q3 2012

  • Major highlight: Compatible with Visual Studio 2012. Support for Light, Dark and all other color themes
  • Major highlight: Keyboard shortcut profiles that will not override your Visual Studio shortcuts without asking first.
  • Major highlight: Save your Visual Studio settings in Telerik JustCode cloud.
  • Major highlight: Enhanced Telerik JustCode extensions:
    • Enhanced Telerik JustCode extensions: Telerik JustCode extensions can be published in Visual Studio Extensions gallery
    • Enhanced Telerik JustCode extensions: Added template for Telerik JustCode extensions for VSIX deployment

Telerik JustCode Q2 2012 SP2

  • Major highlight: Compatible with Visual Studio 2012. Support for Light and Dark color themes
  • New in Test Runner: Show 64bit test assemblies as ignored (not runnable) if on 32bit OS
  • New in Test Runner: Mark tests in a test assembly, which is not selected for build in the current configuration, as not runnable
  • New in Test Runner: NUnit Test Runner support for overloaded data driven test methods
  • New in Test Runner: Mbunit 3.4 support
  • New in Formatter: Update Visual Studio formatter settings in Telerik JustCode formatter settings only if they are changed
  • New in Formatter: Blank Lines formatter: Added validation for the options values
  • New in Navigation: "Go To Type/Symbol" searches in container
  • New in Navigation: "Go To File" searches in directory
  • New in Navigation: Added member types and accessor filters to navigation command "Go To Member/Symbol"
  • New code command "Comment Single Line"
  • New code command "Block Comment"
  • New in Code Commands: "Move or Delete Parameter" command for JavaScript
  • New: XAML: Added support for x:Type markup extension
  • New: Decompilation for private members
  • New: VS2012: Use the new Preview Tab for Telerik JustCode navigations
  • New: Typing Assistance: Improved by adding a shortcut (Shift+Enter) to access different position when you are between brackets which have statements inside them

Telerik JustCode Q2 2012 SP1

  • New: Separate warning for top level delegate types not matching file name
  • New: Quick-fix: "Create Parameter" for constructors
  • New: Option for C# in Telerik JustCode Options/Code Style: Format simple blocks on single line
  • New: Warning and Quick-Fix: Use local variable when iteration variable is used in lambda expression
  • New: Navigation command "Go To Type of Expression"
  • New: Added blank lines formatting after events in C#

Telerik JustCode Q2 2012

  • Cloud Sync: Telerik JustCode Settings Sync Service introduced. Users are now able to sync their settings using only their Telerik Credentials
  • WinRT support (ability to develop Metro apps, i.e. support for Win 8 RC and Visual Studio 2012 RC)
  • Getting Started Wizard
  • Improved Code Clean command
  • Improved Camel Case Search in the GoTo... dialogs
  • Improved: More support for CSS 3 and CSS-Hacks
  • New XAML feature: The navigation command "Go To Definition" works for XAML {Static|DynamicResource key}
  • New XAML feature: "Rename" refactoring works for XAML {Static|DynamicResource key}
  • New XAML feature: The navigation command "Find Usages" works for XAML resources
  • New XAML feature: Unused XAML resource warning + Quick-Fix.
  • New in JC Options: Highlight changed options in the Telerik JustCode Options dialog
  • New in JC Options: Feature to import Visual Studio formatting options into Telerik JustCode Code Style options (you'll find it in the JC General options)
  • New in JC Options: Button in Telerik JustCode Options to reset all settings to default
  • New in JC Options: Show a resolution dialog if Telerik JustCode settings are changed in another instance.
  • New in JC Options: Automatically update settings changed from one JC instace in all other JC instances on the same machine.
  • New in Code Clean: Code Cleaner for Razor, XML, XAML, HTML
  • New in Code Clean: Code cleaning step for moving classes into separate files
  • New in Test Runner: Jasmine and QUnit tests run faster
  • New in Test Runner: You can run Jasmine tests with the current default browser
  • New in Test Runner: The requirement "Mark of the Web" for Jasmine tests is removed and is not needed anymore
  • New in Test Runner: The requirement "Run as Admin" for Jasmine tests is removed and is not needed anymore
  • New in Test Runner: The requirement "Run Active Content from My Computer" for Jasmine tests is removed and is not needed anymore
  • New in Test Runner: The requirement "Mark of the Web" for QUnit tests is removed and is not needed anymore
  • New in Test Runner: The requirement "Allow Active Content" for QUnit tests is removed and is not needed anymore
  • New in Test Runner: The requirement "Run as Administrator" for QUnit tests is removed and is not needed anymore
  • New in Test Runner: Support for any installed browser on the machine - Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE...
  • New in Test Runner: Added option for choosing the preferred browser for JavaScript tests
  • New: The commands listed in the Visual Aid menu are now divided into context and non-context commands
  • Popup menus are merged into Visual Aid. Shortcuts are now expanding the corresponding category of Visual Aid instead of showing a stand-alone popup menu.
  • New: Option in "Visual Aid" section of Telerik JustCode Options for controlling the collapsing/expanding of non-context (additional) commands in Visual Aid
  • New: Move String To Resource File
  • New: Introduce Header works for Razor

Telerik JustCode Q1 2012

  • All Types Code Completion
  • Naming Conventions
  • Telerik JustCode Extension project template
  • New decompilation engine (by JustDecompile)
  • Test Runner: QUnit - jQuery JavaScript testing framework support
  • Test Runner: Jasmine - JavaScript BDD testing framework support
  • Test Runner: Added inconclusive test run state support in Test Runner (MbUnit v3, NUnit)
  • Test Runner: Added NUnit "TheoryAttribute" support
  • Test Runner: MbUnit v3 "TestFixtureAttribute" is now optional
  • Test Runner: MbUnit v2 and MbUnit v3 "RowAttribute" data driven tests support
  • Test Runner: MbUnit v3 "StaticFactory" and "DynamicFactory" data driven tests support
  • New Refactoring: Linq Conversions
  • New Quick-Fix: Fix Namespace Mismatch
  • ToDo Navigator: added "Current File" and "Current Project" filters
  • Code Generation: now generates names that obey the chosen naming convention
  • Formatter: Improved C# formatter
  • Formatter: Code Style settings preview now shows a formatted text (with current settings)
  • Formatter: Code Style settings for XML are now separated to XML, XAML and HTML
  • Visual Aid: expanded and moved Visual Aid options to a separate page
  • Option (in JC Options\Code Style\C#\Using Directives) to put System.* namespaces on top
  • Added Telerik JustCode documentation in CHM format and removed the Help2 documentation

Telerik JustCode Q3 2011

Telerik JustCode Q2 2011

Telerik JustCode Q1 2011

Telerik JustCode Q3 2010

  • Added new default templates for code generation.
  • Added template acronyms - expanding your template only by entering a specified abbreviation for it.
  • Visual Features - added options for visual aid header size and structural highlighting.
  • Unit Test Runner - improved UI.

Telerik JustCode Q2 2010 SP1

  • New auto-updating functionality added for internal builds as well - by now you could get notifications only when a new official release or service pack was available. With this new option you will get notified for available internal builds as well.
  • Added an option to disable opening the Visual Aids menus on hover
  • Visual aids keyboard support & new sticky mode - now you can easily work with the visual aid using only your keyboard.
  • Improved suggestions to not keep focus and allow the user to type - you can type in the editor before you close the suggestions window by choosing a suggestion or discarding by pressing Esc.
  • Fixed several issues - with Visual aids menu hiding intellisense
  • Fixed issues - with "ghost" window, window focus and taskbar auto-hiding
  • Unit Test Runner - fixed several UI problems
  • Unit Test Runner - improved framework support to work correctly with inheritance
  • Unit Test Runner - improved MbUnit test discovery in some special cases
  • A lot of Good-Code-Red issues, bug fixes and minor improvements

Telerik JustCode Q2 2010

  • Unit Test Runner

    Unit Test Runner is improved since the beta release, all reported issues are fixed. Now we support NUnit and MbUnit too.

  • Visual Aids

    A small rectangle is shown whenever Telerik JustCode has available commands for the currently selected identifier, keyword or for the selected code line(s). This option can be toggled from the Telerik JustCode Options.

  • Quick Hints

    Quick hints suggest you to convert code from one state to another in order to improve your code.

  • Improved XAML support
    • Event handlers annotation - now you can navigate, find and highlight usages for XAML event handlers and get solution-wide warnings for missing handlers.
    • Quick fix for adding missing namespaces
  • Pull Member to Base Class refactoring
  • Add Stubs In Inheritors command - makes it easy to implement a newly introduced member of an interface or base class in all inheritors.
  • Improved code templates - now templates suggest appropriate items you can add depending on the current context.

Telerik JustCode Q2 2010 Beta

  • Unit Test Runner

    Support for running, debugging, filtering, grouping tests from MSTest and xUnit .

  • Improved Find Usages dialog and vertical stripe bar

    The ability to easily distinguish and filter the read and write usages of a given member or variable in C#, VB.NET and JavaScript, has been added.

  • Global warning for unused namespaces
  • Quick fixes for removing unused code

    See Remove Unused Usings and Remove Unused Parameters quick fixes.

  • New commands

    Just Collapse All, Just Find All Dependent Code and Just Format All commands in the Solution Folder context menu.

  • Integration with JustMock
    • Full support for JustMock in the Unit Test Runner even with "elevated" unit tests.
    • Global warning for mock objects with no arranges or if not contained in a mock assert. A new quick fix enables the creation of the arrange without writing a single line of code.

Telerik JustCode Q1 2010 Service Pack

  • Improved performance and memory footprint

    Both the memory Telerik JustCode consumes in the Visual Studio process and the memory footprint of the code analysis process are now kept to a minimum. Improved the speed of error reporting in VS 2010.

  • UI improvements

    The progress bar and side arrows are redesign to look better in VS 2010. Error List keeps the selection when updating.

  • Improved typing assistance

    Typing Assistance works smarter and handles single and double quotes as well.

  • Improved Go To ... navigation dialogs

    PageUp/PageDown are available in Go To... dialogs. Shortcuts for different Go To... windows work when a dialog is already opened.

  • Add support for the new <%: ... %> syntax in ASP.NET 4
  • "Fix usings" and "Add missing using" now working for Extension methods as well

Telerik JustCode Q1 2010

  • Visual Studio 2010 support

    Telerik JustCode provides full support for the latest version of Visual Studio 2010

  • Improved performance and memory footprint

    Both the memory Telerik JustCode consumes in the Visual Studio process and the memory footprint of the code analysis process are now kept to a minimum.

  • "Create Class", "Create Class With Constructor" and "Create Constructor" quick fixes
  • "Add Reference and Fix Using" quick fix

    This quick fix scans all of the projects in the solution and their references, for matching type names and suggests adding a reference to a particular project or assembly. It also adds the respective using / import statement.

  • Color identifiers

    By default, Visual Studio provides colorizations for keywords, identifiers, strings, comments, etc., but it doesn't provide more granular options. For example, you can't set different colors for methods, properties, events, variables, method parameters, etc. Telerik JustCode allows you to set different colors on these types of things thus making the code much more readable.

  • "Type Assistance"

    Telerik JustCode adds automatically closing braces / brackets / etc.

  • Extract Method refactoring for JavaScript
  • "Move Type To Another File" and "Move Type To Namespace" refactorings.
  • Enhanced C# formatter

    This feature allows you to reorder your code using some rules that you can easily customize through the Telerik JustCode Options menu.

  • Refactoring suggestions

    When you do certain refactorings like Introduce Variable, Introduce Field, etc., you will get a dropdown suggesting several names based on the code you have selected.