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Telerik® JustCode™'s Unit Test Window lets you run, debug, filter and search tests within the Visual Studio environment.

In this How To you will learn to run tests through Unit Test Window in a simple application that acts as a bank account. You are allowed to withdraw and deposit cash.

Before you begin, create a C# console application and add a BankAccount.cs class and a Test project to the solution.

Modify the class so that it resembles the following:

How To Manage Your Tests 1

The property AvailableAmount will keep the amount available in the account. You have two methods for modifying this amount - Withdraw and Deposit to manage the account.

As you see, Withdraw method takes single parameter - the amount to be withdrawn. If this amount is negative number an exception is thrown, otherwise it is subtracted from AvailableAmount and returned as result.

Deposit method takes single parameter, too - the amount to be added to the account. Again, if it is negative number, an exception is thrown.

Make two test classes to test both methods. Name them BankAccountWithdrawalTests and BankAccountDepositTests. Within, define test methods as follows:

How To Manage Your Tests 2

The suitable test code should be added to all of the methods in both classes. In order to produce correct tests insert the following lines of code in your classes:


How To Manage Your Tests 3


How To Manage Your Tests 4

To see all tests, execute the Unit Test Window by navigating through JustCode | Windows | Show Unit Test Window... or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+K.

How To Manage Your Tests 5

You can run them by pressing Unit Test Window Icon Run All Tests button.

You will get the following result:

How To Manage Your Tests 6

If you want to get a failed test, you can change the code for some of methods to fail. I.e. get the Withdrawal_AvailableAmount method and modify its body like below:

How To Manage Your Tests 7

This will fail as we expect ba.AvailableAmount to be 90, not 80. Run the tests in the Unit Test Window and you get the following result:

How To Manage Your Tests 8

Refer to Unit Test Window and Unit Testing category for more information on testing.

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