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Telerik® JustCode™ provides decompilation, pdb-generation and stepping into third-party assemblies. The Debug Decompiled Code feature generates source code and pdb, that matches the library of choice, so that the Visual Studio debugger can load the pdb and the corresponding symbols for debugging that library. Telerik® JustCode™ delivers that functionality in several easy steps:

  • Navigate to the decompiled code using Telerik® JustCode™’s Go To Definition command (currently available as Ctrl+Left Mouse button and F12 by default).

  • Put a breakpoint at the desired location.

  • Telerik® JustCode™ will ask you to decompile for debugging the dll. This is a one-off process. Once prepared for debugging, the dll’s symbols are cached and no prompts from Telerik® JustCode™ will be made on any subsequent attempt to debug that library.

    Decompile Ask To Decompile
  • Once you agree, Telerik® JustCode™ will take you to the Assembly Browser window and will start the decompilation process.

  • After the dll is decompiled you can start debugging the usual way. Visual Studio will automatically stop at the breakpoint(s) when hit.


There are alternative ways to initiate the decompilation process:

  • You can open the Assembly Browser window from the JustCode menu (JustCode -> Windows -> Show Assembly Browser Window...) and do the decompilation from there.

  • There's a "Just Decompile for Debugging..." command in Visual Studio's Solution Explorer context menu on the references of a project. You can select one or more of the references there and invoke the command. This will, again, open the Assembly Browser window for you and will start decompiling the selected assemblies.

  • It might happen that there is already a pdb file shipped together with the library. If the source code is also shipped with it, further decompilation won’t be needed. If no source code is available, the shipped pdb file is of no use. In this case Telerik® JustCode™ will ask you to delete or backup the original pdb file.

    Decompile Ask On Existing Pdb

    When you delete it or back it up, you will have to call the decompile command on the selected assembly once again in order to proceed with generating the new pdb and source files.

  • Telerik® JustCode™ stores the generated sources and pdb file in the %localappdata%\JustCode\Symbols folder on your local hard drive. You can clear the whole cache folder, or that of a selection of assemblies from the Assembly Browser window.

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