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The Assembly Browser window shows all the references Telerik® JustCode™ finds throuhgout the currently open solution. It shows what’s been already decompiled for debugging and provides means to manually add more libraries to the decompiled-for-debugging ones. From there you can select multiple libraries for decompilation and debugging, and manage a list of your already decompiled ones. You can either pick some of the listed libraries, or look for ones in a folder of your choice. You can also clear the cache for the decompiled-for-debugging items from this window. You are able to track the progress of decompiling of the libraries you select inside that window. The list is updated when changes are introduced to the solution (projects added/removed, references added/removed, etc.).

The Assembly Browser Window

Decompile Assembly Browser General

Available Actions

The following actions are available on assemblies from the list:

Decompile Button Decompile


Once an assembly is selected from the list, pressing this button will start the decompilation process. It generates the pdb and source code necessary for debugging the selected assembly. This action can be performed using the context menu on the selected items or the context menu of the project's references

Decompile Button Add Dll

Add Dll

Opens the file browser dialog to find and add an assembly to the list manually. It can be then decompiled for debugging from the respective command.

Decompile Button Clear Cache

Clear Cache

Clears ALL generated pdb-s and source code from the symbols cache. If more precise cache manipulations are required, the context menu on the selected items presents the ability to clear the cache only for these items.

Decompile Button Help


Expands/collapses a panel with a brief description of the available actions inside the Assembly Browser window.


Some of these actions are also available through the context menu on any selected item (or multiple items):

Decompile Assembly Browser Context Menu

You can also:

  • Copy the containing path of the dll. (Copy as path)

  • Navigate to already generated source. (Go to generated source)

  • Cancel current decompiling process. (Cancel)

Visual Studio Debugger Settings

There are two options in Visual Studio Debugger settings that, if enabled, might lead to inconsistent behavior while debugging assemblies decompiled by JustCode:

  • Enable Just My Code

  • Enable .NET Framework source stepping

Telerik® JustCode™ displays a collapsable warning at the top of the Assembly Browser window if any of them is enabled. It is highly recommended that you manually disable these from Visual Studio Options -> Debugging -> General page. The Warning panel presents a shortcut to the desired Visual Studio options page. You can also dismiss the warning and it won't appear again no matter how your VS settings are arranged.

Warning Collapsed

Decompile Warning Collapsed

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