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During its real-time, solution-wide code analysis, the ToDo Navigator automatically finds ToDo items that you can regroup and filter based on your preferences. Items that are found by the ToDo Navigator are configurable. You can also create new, clone or remove existing item patterns.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET, JavaScript

Partially supported: ASP.NET, XAML, HTML (comments are ignored)

Using the ToDo Navigator

Suppose you have the example code below:

To Do Navigator Code

The ToDo Navigator can be opened in JustCode -> Windows -> Show ToDo Navigator Window.

To Do Navigator Location

A window will be opened with all the found pre-defined search patterns:

To Do Navigator Results

You can easily browse through the items and using a double click on each will navigate you to the place in code where it is located. From the combo-boxes above, the results can be grouped by different criteria and filtered to show only the patterns of your choice.

You can also filter items by their location. For example select "File" and you'll see entities contained only in files having some word you type in their name. "Current File" and "Current Project" will show only entities in the current active text editor file (or the project it is contained in).

To Do Navigator Filter

Configuring the ToDo Navigator

Open JustCode -> Options -> ToDo Navigator.

To Do Navigator Options

Here you can create new, clone, modify or delete existing search patterns. For each you can specify a regular expression and where to search for it. Any subtring that matches the regular expression in comments/string literals/thrown exceptions will be found when searching. You can also enable/disable case matching.

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