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The Find Inheritors command helps you find and navigate to derived types from a given type.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET

Not relevant: ASP.NET, XAML, JavaScript, HTML

To find inheritors

  1. Position the caret over a type.

    Find Inheritors Select
  2. Press Alt+`. From the pop-up menu, choose Find Inheritors...
  3. When there is only one derived type, Telerik® JustCode™ directly navigates you to it. In case there are more than one derived types, Telerik® JustCode™ shows a pop-up window with all inheritors. Use the up/down arrows to go through the inheritors. Press Enter to navigate. Alternatively, you can double click on an inheritor to directly navigate.

    Find Inheritors Navigate

Notice that in the sample there is a multi-level inheritance. In this case Telerik® JustCode™ lists the result in a TreeView control showing the multi-level inheritance hierarchy.


To find inheritors you can also navigate on the main menu. Choose JustCode | Navigate | Find Inheritors..., or just press Ctrl+Alt+B.

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