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Decompile command allows you to explore compiled managed code directly in Visual Studio.

To use the Decompile command you need to first navigate to a metadata view decompiled by Telerik® JustCode™. To do that you can use the Go To Definition command on a type or a member defined in a referenced assembly (see example below). Alternatively, you can use the Go To Type with the Include Library Types option enabled.

Decompile after Go To Definition

  1. Consider the following code.

    Decompile Navigate
  2. Position the caret over the Contains method call and execute the Go To Definition command.

    Decompile Decompile
  3. JustCode navigated to the compiled metadata view of the String.Contains method. To further decompile the method body press Alt+` and choose Decompile from the pop-up menu.

    Decompile Result

You can execute the Decompile command in the type body and it will decompile the whole type.


To execute this command you can also use the main menu. Choose JustCode | Navigate | Decompile, or just press Ctrl+1


There is an option that allows automatic decompilation right after you execute the Go To Definition command.

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