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Introduce Header auto-generates a header, previously defined by the user.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET, JavaScript

Not relevant: ASP.NET, XAML, HTML

To define a header

  1. Go to JustCode -> Options -> Code Style -> Common -> File Header Text

  2. Type the text that you wish to appear as a header when using command Introduce Header.

    Introduce Header Options

Using tags

You can use pre-defined tags using $TAGNAME$ syntax. Their content will be replaced by a context sensitive content when applying the command.

Available tags:

  1. DATE - date when the command is applied

  2. AUTHOR - currently logged user for the machine

  3. PROJECT_NAME - name of the project in which the file is located

  4. FILE_NAME - name of the file for which the command is applied

    Introduce Header Tags Options

Escaping character '\' can be used to escape the tags replacement. Example: "\$AUTHOR$".

To introduce header in a C#, VB or JavaScript file

  1. Position the caret over a using statement, namespace statement or an empty line at the beginning of a C#, VB or JavaScript file.

  2. Select Introduce Header from the VisualAids Code menu.

    Introduce Header
  3. The result is (taking into account the header text from the tags example above):

    Introduce Header Result

The command is also available as a Code Cleaning Step.

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