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Creating a new startup project using VS templates is very handy and hastens your goals realization. But sometimes not all of the added references are required in your project. In other cases a reference is being added to your project early stage which becomes redundant in farther development process.

Remove Unused References command lets you quickly clean your redundant project references and improve your project size and complexity.


Supported Languages: C#, VB.NET;

Not supported project types: MVC;

To clean your redundant references

  1. For the demonstration I am using simple Console project. As you can see a few references are added that are not involved in the code.

    Redundant References
  2. In order to invoke the Remove Unused References command you will have to Mouse right click over your project in VS Solution Explorer. Then select JustCode > Remove Unused References.

  3. A window will show up providing all unused references and the ability to pick the ones for removing.

  4. Once the Finish button is clicked the result is at hand.


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