Pause Web Sessions

Pause Web Sessions

To pause specific sessions, add rules using FiddlerScript to the OnBeforeRequest function (except where noted). For example:

Pause all HTTP POSTs to allow hand-editing (the POST verb is often used for submitting forms)

    if (oSession.HTTPMethodIs("POST")){
      oSession["x-breakrequest"]="breaking for POST";

Pause all HTTP POSTs that contain 'thekeyword'

    if (oSession.HTTPMethodIs("POST") && (oSession.utilFindInRequest("thekeyword", true) > -1)){
    oSession["x-breakrequest"] = "keyword";

Pause a request for an XML file to allow hand-editing

    if (oSession.url.toLowerCase().indexOf(".xml")>-1){

Pause a response containing JavaScript to allow hand-editing (in OnBeforeResponse)

    if (oSession.oResponse.headers.ExistsAndContains("Content-Type", "javascript")){
     oSession["x-breakresponse"]="reason is JScript"; 
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