Run from Command Line with ExecAction

Controlling Fiddler Classic with Test Automation

ExecAction.exe is a command line executable which is suitable for calling from batch files or unit tests. It passes its command line into FiddlerScript's OnExecAction function for processing, just like Fiddler's QuickExec box. The ExecAction commands can be handled by FiddlerScript or FiddlerExtensions.

ExecAction.exe is installed into the Fiddler Classic directory inside your AppData\Local\Programs folder.

Usage: ExecAction SCRIPTPARAMETER ExecAction "PARAM1 PARAM2"

ExecAction sets %ERRORLEVEL% to

  • 0 if successful
  • 1 if an incorrect (!= 1) number of arguments used
  • 2 if the Fiddler Classic window could not be found.
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