SAZ Clipboard



The SAZClipboard is a simple extension that allows you to open a .SAZ file outside of the main Fiddler Classic UI. You can then drag sessions between this clipboard from the Fiddler Classic UI.

Why would I want to do this?

This may be useful if you're using the Fiddler Classic Request Builder or AutoResponder features, both of which accept drops of Fiddler Classic sessions for reuse.


Install SAZClipboard from here (43 kb). Last update 4/16/2010

Usage Instructions

Open the SAZClipboard Window from the Tools Menu.

Tools Menu Item

You can drag and drop from the Fiddler Classic session list to the SAZ clipboard form, or load a SAZ directly into it using the button at the bottom. Launch it from the Tools menu. Just drop SazClipboard.dll into your %localappdata%\Programs\Fiddler\Scripts folder and restart Fiddler. Source is provided, so you can update as desired.

Clipboard Window

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