Monitor Windows Phone

Configure Fiddler

  1. Start Fiddler Classic on the Fiddler server (the machine that will capture the traffic).

  2. Click Tools > Options. Click Allow remote clients to connect.

    Allow remote clients to connect

  3. Restart Fiddler.

  4. In the Windows Security Alert dialog, check all three checkboxes and click the Allow Access button.

    Windows Security Alert

To verify this configuration, enable your Windows Phone WiFi connection and visit http://FIDDLERSERVER:8888, where FIDDLERSERVER is the machine name for the machine running Fiddler. This should display the Fiddler Echo Service web site.

Configure Windows Phone

  1. Tap Settings > WiFi.


  2. Tap the active WiFi connection.


  3. Slide the Proxy Slider to On.

  4. In the Server/URL field, type the machine name for the Fiddler server.

  5. In the Port field, type 8888.


  6. Tap the checkmark icon.

Decrypt HTTPS Traffic

  1. Configure Fiddler Classic to decrypt HTTPS traffic.

  2. On the Windows Phone, use Mobile IE to request an HTTPS protocol URL.

  3. Go to http://FIDDLERSERVER:8888/FiddlerRoot.cer.

  4. Tap the icon labeled Tap to open the file fiddlerroot.cer.

    Open Certificate

  5. Tap install.

    Install Certificate

Note: There is no known resource containing steps to remove security certificates from a Windows Phone. This may prevent connecting to a different Fiddler proxy, which will use a different security certificate.

Disable Monitoring

After Fiddler Classic monitoring is complete:

  1. Tap Settings > WiFi.

  2. Tap the active WiFi connection.

  3. Slide the Proxy Slider to Off.

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