Using Fiddler

  • Download the Fiddler product:

  • Install Fiddler Classic

    • Select Run from any Security Warning dialog.

      Setup Security Warning

    • Agree to the License Agreement.

      Agree to License Agreement

    • Select the install directory for Fiddler.

      Select Install Directory

    • Click Close when installation completes.

      Fiddler Classic Setup Completed

  • Install Fiddler Everywhere

    • Fiddler Everywhere is a modern proxy tool with cross-platform Windows, macOS, and Linux support. Apart from being a local MITM proxy, it also provides collaboration functionalities, capabilities to save and store data in the cloud, HTTP/2 and TLS 1.3 support, and many more! Learn more on how to install and use Fiddler Everywhere here...
  • Start the desired Fiddler application and begin your network debugging journey.

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