Passing arguments to the Importer or Exporter Extension

  • Transcoders (objects that implement an importer or exporter interface) may be passed arguments in a dictionary object. For instance, FiddlerScript can invoke the HTTPArchive transcoder, passing in the filename string and maximum response size integers as follows:

    var oSessions = FiddlerApplication.UI.GetAllSessions();
    var oExportOptions = FiddlerObject.createDictionary();
    oExportOptions.Add("Filename", "C:\\users\\ericlaw\\desktop\\out1.har");
    oExportOptions.Add("MaxTextBodyLength", 1024);
    oExportOptions.Add("MaxBinaryBodyLength", 16384);
    FiddlerApplication.DoExport("HTTPArchive v1.2", oSessions, oExportOptions, null);
  • A transcoder extension may collect these options as follows:

    public bool ExportSessions(string sFormat, Session[] oSessions, 
        Dictionary<string, object> dictOptions, EventHandler<ProgressCallbackEventArgs> evtProgressNotifications)
      if (null != dictOptions)
        if (dictOptions.ContainsKey("Filename"))
        sFilename = dictOptions["Filename"] as string;
        if (dictOptions.ContainsKey("MaxTextBodyLength"))
          iMaxTextBodyLength = (int)dictOptions["MaxTextBodyLength"];
        if (dictOptions.ContainsKey("MaxBinaryBodyLength"))
           iMaxBinaryBodyLength = (int)dictOptions["MaxBinaryBodyLength"];
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