Fiddler Jam Portal

The Fiddler Jam portal is the cloud space where logs submitted from you or other users can be viewed, organized, and analyzed. The Fiddler Jam portal is accessible only for users with active Fiddler Jam portal subscriptions. The Fiddler Jam portal provides various means to organize, access, and work with submitted logs. The portal allows account owners to set up different roles for the portal users with different access rights.

Portal Users

The Fiddler Jam login accepts using custom credentials or Google authentication, but the portal will be accessible only for usernames/emails that are part of an active subscription. Depending on the user assigned role, the Fiddler Jam portal will provide a different level of accessibility and features as follows:

  • Unregistered users won't be able to open the Fiddler Jam portal or load generated Fiddler Jam links. Note that no registration is needed to use the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension.
  • Fiddler Jam portal seats with the viewer role can see only logs added to a workspace. If a viewer opens a public link, a page will inform the user that the links need to be added to the account workspace.
  • Fiddler Jam portal seats with the user role can open public logs, create and manage workspaces, manage existing logs (manage, add and remove from workspaces).

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Using Submitted Logs

The Fiddler Jam portal allows organizing, accessing, and reusing the logs submitted from the Fiddler Jam extension. Logs can be added to workspaces, edited, shared, downloaded, or opened directly in Fiddler Everywhere for in-depth analysis.

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Fiddler Jam portal provides various subscription plans to accommodate the different user needs. Visit for more information about the subscription plans.

Trial Plan

Activate the trial plan to test the Fiddler Jam portal for 14 days. The trial period applies the quotas for the Business plan.

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