Sharing Options

The Fiddler Jam extension provides two options for sharing recorded logs. Both alternatives allow additional security via password protection.

Link generation options

Link sharing allows registered Fiddler Jam portal users to open a recorded log, if they have the link. The log can be additionally protected with a password.

Only Fiddler Jam portal users with knowledge of the password (if any) will have access to the recorded information.

Share with Specific People

This option allows you to list specific Fiddler Jam portal users via their account emails. Only users from the email list will be able to open the recorded log. The log can also be protected with a password.

Share with specific people

Password Protection for Recorded Logs

Recorded logs can be protected with a password, no matter if they are shared with a link or with specific users. Use the Password protection switch. The password must:

  • be at least 8 characters long
  • contain both lowercase and uppercase letters
  • contain at least one number

Share with link

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