What is Fiddler Jam?

A: Fiddler Jam is a troubleshooting solution for support & developers teams. The Fiddler Jam Chrome extension and the Fiddler Jam portal are the interconnected components that are the core of Fiddler Jam.

What is the purpose of Fiddler Jam?

A: Fiddler Jam helps end-users (also referred to as extension users) to isolate issues by capturing HTTP(S) network logs in the customer's environment. It then enables the secure sharing of these logs between the customers and your support teams with the help of the Fiddler Jam portal. Finally, with full Fiddler Everywhere integration, the development team can load the logs and replicate the issue locally, using tooling they are already comfortable with.

Who can use the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension?

A: Anyone with Google Chrome can install and use the Chrome extension. There is no login or registration required. The Chrome extension is easy to use and doesn't require advanced knowledge or any previous debugging experience.

What is the Fiddler Jam portal?

The Fiddler Jam portal is an online space where the captured logs can be accessed and maintained. The Fiddler Jam portal is where the support engineers and developers could analyze, share and sustain logs submitted by the extension users.

Who can use the Fiddler Jam portal?

Only registered users with active seats have access to the Jam portal. Licenses and seats can be activated from the dashboard site.

So how does Fiddler Jam work... really?


Your customers (also referred to as extension users)) will...

  • Install the lightweight Chrome extension.
  • Start recording network requests/responses.
  • Reproduce the issue at hand.
  • Save their recordings and share them via the generated link (upload Fiddler Jam logs to cloud space).

Your support team (also referred to as portal users)) will then...

  • Open the customer-provided generated link in the Fiddler Jam portal via a browser.
  • Access the protected private workspace where logs are stored.
  • Triage the issue, add context and share with the development team.

What is an extension user?

A: An extension user is everyone who uses the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension.

What is a portal user?

A: A portal users are accounts created for your organization to access the Fiddler Jam portal. Learn more about portal users and roles.

What is the definition of a Fiddler Jam log?

A: A Fiddler Jam log is an information recorded by the extension users via the Fiddler Jam Chrome extension. A log contains the captured network traffic and (optionally) the generated console logs and screenshots from the user interaction. The maximum size for Fiddler Jam log (requests and screenshots) is 50MB.

Who can access details of a submitted log?

A: That depends on the link generation options chosed by the extension user. Public links are accessible for any Fiddler Jam portal user. Link generated via the Share with specific people option are accessible only for the concrete Fiddler Jam portal users. Links generated with the password-protection option are be accessible only for Fiddler Jam portal users with knowledge of the password.

Who can access the details of a password-protected log?

A: Any portal user and password to unlock it. After opening the log via a password, the corresponding portal user will have complete access to the sessions.

What level of access do portal users get?

A: Portal users have access to logs of the workspace they have been assigned and will have access to all public links.

Where are the logs stored?

A: The logs are stored in Fiddler's cloud servers.

Fiddler Jam Terminology

Term Description
Fiddler Jam extension The Chrome extension is used for recording network traffic, console logs, screenshots, etc. The Fiddler Jam extension is available from the Google Web Store
Fiddler Jam extension user End-user who have encountered an issue on your web application and are using the Fiddler Jam extension
Fiddler Jam portal A central website for accessing call logs stored on the cloud. Hosted at https://jam.getfiddler.com
Fiddler Jam portal user Account created for your organization to access the web portal. This includes both support and development. By default the Fiddler Jam portal users are having read and write rights and they can
viewer role A Fiddler Jam portal user explicitly assigned with the viewer role. The viewer role has rescricted read rights.
session A network activity that Fiddler captures. it contains HTTP(S) request and response information together
log A collection of captured HTTP(S) sessions, screenshots, video recordting, console logs, and other information recorded by an extension user. The maximum size of Fiddler Jam log is 50MB.
capture options A set of advanced capture options available in the Fiddler Jam extension. The options allows you to control what information is to be captured.
workspace A workspace is an organizational placeholder for logs. The workspace provides means to organize and share logs with your collaborators (within the organizational account)
password-protected log Log created with a password
log URL or log link Direct URL for accessing the submitted log of any space on the web portal. The link is generated after the log recording is stopped.
Fiddler dashboard A central website for managing the Fiddler Jam and Fiddler Everywhere subscription plans and seats. Hosted at https://dashboard.getfiddler.com
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