File Menu

The File menu contains commands to load and store captured traffics. The menu provides options to create and load an archive that includes the whole captured traffic (creates a SAZ file) as well as an option to import/export only specific sessions.

A SAZ file in Fiddler Everywhere is a term that describes an archive that holds a snapshot of single or multiple sessions (captured traffic). The SAZ files can be loaded as snapshot entries in the Sessions list or shared with other Fiddler Everywhere users. A good practice is to protect your SAZ files with an encrypted password while creating the archive.

Load Archive

The Load Archive command allows you to reload previously-captured traffic stored in a SAZ file. The content will be loaded as a snapshot in the Sessions list.


Save Archive

The Save Archive submenu exposes options that allow you to save traffic to SAZ files. You can save all current sessions or just the selected sessions.


After selecting an option, a Save prompt will appear. The dialog provides options to use encryption (AES256) to create a password-protected archive.


Import Sessions

The Import Sessions command allows you to import previously-captured traffic from various file formats.


Export Sessions

The Export Sessions submenu exposes options to export traffic in various file formats. You can export all current sessions or just the selected sessions.


After selecting an option, a Choose Format prompt will appear. The supported formats are as follows:

  • WCAT Script
  • MeddlerScript
  • cUrl Script
  • Raw File
  • HttpArchive v1.1
  • HttpArchive v1.2


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