Main Menu

The main menu in Fiddler Everywhere is placed at the top and consists of several areas that provide multiple functionalities, settings, and information. To the left, you could find the View, and Help submenus plus a Plan information options. To the right, you will find Share Feedback, Links, Notifications, Settings, and current user Sign Out option.

Fiddler Everywhere main menu


The View menu provides options to change the overall Fiddler Everywhere UI size using zoom in and zoom out.

  • Preferences option to load the Fiddler Everywhere settings window. Keyboard shortcut: Cmd and , (Mac), Ctrl and , (Windows).
  • Actual Size option. Keyboard shortcut: Cmd and 0 (Mac), Ctrl and 0 (Windows).
  • Zoom In option. Keyboard shortcut: Cmd and + (Mac), Ctrl and + (Windows).
  • Zoom Out option. Keyboard shortcut: Cmd and - (Mac), Ctrl and - (Windows).
  • Select Previous Tab option. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl, Shift and Tab (Mac), Ctrl, Shift and Tab (Windows).
  • Select Next Tab option. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl and Tab (Mac), Ctrl and Tab (Windows).

View menu with zoom options


The Help menu provides several options for version update and information, fast access to forums, documentation and support channel. The support option is available only for Fiddler Everywhere PRO verison.

Check for updates

Check for Updates

The Check For Updates option contacts a web service to determine whether this is the latest version of Fiddler. If not, you can choose to install the newest version immediately or on Fiddler Everywhere next start.


The Forums option opens a new browser tab with the Fiddler Everywhere forums portal. Use the forums to search for information about possible use cases, report issues and bugs, and request features.


The Documentation option opens a new browser tab with the Fiddler Everywhere documentation website.

Open Application Logs Folder

The Open Application Logs Folder option opens the local folder that contains the Fiddler Everywhere log files. Learn more here about how to use the log files for troubleshooting your local setup.


The About command opens a dialog window that provides information about the Fiddler Everywhere client's current version and build date.

About dialog

Contact Support

The Contact Support is available only for Fiddler Everywhere PRO version (including the Trial PRO version). The option uses the operating system default email client.

Plan Information

The plan information window will provide information about the current user plan usage limits and quotas. The plan button and windows will differ depending on whether the currently logged user uses Free, Trial, or Pro plan.

  • Free plan window. Invoke the plan details window via the orange drop-down arrow. Use the Upgrade button to load the Upgrade to Pro plan page.

    Free plan window and button

  • Pro plan window. Invoke the plan details window via the green drop-down arrow. Use the PRO Plan button to load the account dashboard page. Find more information about the dashboard options here.

    Pro plan window and button

Refer to the comparison table to uncover the perks of using the Fiddler Everywhere Pro version.

Share Feedback

Use the Share Feedback option to send us your observations, recommendations, and impressions for the Fiddler Everywhere client application.

Share Feedback popup window

The Links menu provides several useful fast links.

Useful links for Fiddler Everywhere


The Notifications button shows a drop-down list that contains the most recently received notifications. The Fiddler Everywhere client will send and receive notifications upon using the collaboration functionalities (like sharing session logs, composer collections, and Auto Responder rulesets).

Example notifications in Fiddler Everywhere


The Settings button opens a window that allows you to manage core Fiddler Everywhere functionalities like secure traffic enablement, remote connections, bypassing addressews, privacy and more. Refer to the detailed documentation articles to learn more about each section in the Settings window.

Sign Out

The Sign Out button allows you to logout of the currently logged user. Click on the button to logout and navigate to an intro page that provides options to create a new user or use another existing account.

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