Auto Responder

The Auto Responder is one of the most powerful features of Fiddler Everywhere. The main instruments that the Auto Responder provides are:

  • The Auto Responder Queue Viewer lists the currently used rules and provides additional control over them. The tab also exposes options to import/export rules files (FARX), to change the priority of the rules (of execution) and to entirely enable/disable the Auto Responder or specific rules.

  • The Auto Responder Rules Editor allows you to create new rules and edit existing ones.

The Auto Responder enables you to create rules that will automatically trigger in response to requests. The functionality provides means to easily and quickly test changes to web code without updating the production server, to reproduce previously captured bugs (in SAZ files), or to run website demos while being entirely offline.

  1. Click the Auto Responder button Auto Responder button

  2. The two main tabs (Rule Editor and Queue Rules Viewer) of Auto Responder are shown Auto Responder button

You need to enable Live Traffic Capturing to be able to apply auto responder rules.

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