Comparing Traffic

The Compare Sessions (BETA) feature is under active development and subject to additional changes and improvements in future releases.

Fiddler Everywhere provides a comparing option for detailed differentiation of two captured sessions.

To compare traffic through the Live Traffic list:

  1. Set Live Traffic to Capturing and make the requests. As a result, the sessions are captured and displayed in the Live Traffic list.

  2. Select two sessions that you want to compare.

  3. Select the Compare option from the context menu and choose the Compare in Fiddler Everywhere nested option.

    Compare through the context menu

  4. Inspect both sessions in a new Compare Sessions (BETA) tab.

    Compare Sessions tab

Fiddler Everywhere loads both sessions side-by-side with the session with a lower ID to the left (primary session) and the session with the higher ID to the right (secondary session). The differences are highlighted in the session inspectors by a red background highlight for the removed content from the primary session and a green background highlight for newly added content in the secondary session.

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