Organize Requests into Collections

With the Fiddler Everywhere client, you can save and organize multiple composed requests through the Requests list. Multiple requests (or folders containg requests) can be arranged in collections from where they can be reloaded and executed promptly. The Requests list is located to the left (below the Sessions list) and can hold multiple collections.

Requests lists

Create your first collection of composed requests by following these steps:

  1. Create your new API request by clicking the "+" button in the collections. This action will open a new Composer tab with Untitled as default name.

  2. After the request is composed, press Save. Alternatively, choose Save as option to prevent overwriting an existing entry.

  3. Enter a request name and select the collection (folder) in which the request will be saved. Alternatively, you can create a new collection by pressing the folder icon to the right.

    Requests lists

  4. Press Save to close the dialog window and add the request to the collection.

    Requests lists

For the detailed description of the Requests tab, click here

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