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TKSideDrawer for Xamarin.iOS: SideDrawer with UINavigationController

Sometimes, you may want to use UINavigationController to navigate in your app and also have a TKSideDrawer that slides on top of it. Such scenario can be achieved easily using TKSideDrawerController. TKSideDrawerController is a content controller that will present your UINavigationController and also has a SideDrawer property which is accessible from every UIViewController you push in the stack. To set up the TKSideDrawerController, open your AppDelegate and paste the code below inside FinishedLaunching:

[Register ("AppDelegate")]
public partial class AppDelegate : UIApplicationDelegate
    // class-level declarations

    public override UIWindow Window {

    public override bool FinishedLaunching (UIApplication application, NSDictionary launchOptions)
        SideDrawerGettingStarted main = new SideDrawerGettingStarted ();
        TKSideDrawerController sideDrawerController = new TKSideDrawerController (main);
        this.Window.RootViewController = sideDrawerController;

        return true;


In this example, SideDrawerGettingStarted is a UIViewController subclass which is the initially displayed controller by the UINavigationController. From there on you can set up the side drawer inside the SideDrawerController's ViewDidLoad:

public class SideDrawerGettingStarted : UIViewController
    TKSideDrawer SideDrawer;

    public override void ViewDidLoad ()
        base.ViewDidLoad ();

        this.View.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Gray;

        UINavigationBar navBar = new UINavigationBar (new CGRect (0, 0, this.View.Frame.Size.Width, 64));
        UINavigationItem navItem = new UINavigationItem ("Getting Started");
        UIBarButtonItem showSideDrawerButton = new UIBarButtonItem ("Show", UIBarButtonItemStyle.Plain, this, new Selector ("ShowSideDrawer"));
        navItem.LeftBarButtonItem = showSideDrawerButton;
        navBar.Items = new UINavigationItem[]{ navItem };
        this.View.AddSubview (navBar);

        this.SideDrawer = TKSideDrawer.FindSideDrawer (0, this);
        TKSideDrawerSection sectionPrimary = this.SideDrawer.AddSection ("Primary");
        sectionPrimary.AddItem ("Social");
        sectionPrimary.AddItem ("Promotions");

        TKSideDrawerSection sectionLabels = this.SideDrawer.AddSection ("Labels");
        sectionLabels.AddItem ("Important");
        sectionLabels.AddItem ("Starred");
        sectionLabels.AddItem ("Sent Mail");
        sectionLabels.AddItem ("Drafts");

    [Export ("ShowSideDrawer")]
    public void ShowSideDrawer ()
        this.SideDrawer.Show ();
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