ListView: Cell Swipe Gesture

The swipe gesture feature allows end-users to use swipe gesture on cells. When the user swipes, the content view moves revealing a designated swipe background view where you can place custom views ready for interaction e.g. buttons images etc.

Enabling cell swipe gesture

Use the allowsCellSwipe property to allow the user to perform swipe gesture on cells.

this.listView.AllowsCellSwipe = true;

Configuring cell swipe gesture

Use the cellSwipeLimits property to set how far the cell may be swiped.

this.listView.CellSwipeLimits = new UIEdgeInsets (0, 60, 0, 180);

Use the cellSwipeTreshold property to set the minimum distance the user needs to swipe before the gesture is considered effective. If the user swipes below the treshold, the cell will auto-revert to its original state.

this.listView.CellSwipeTreshold = 30;

Use the cellSwipeAnimationDuration property to set the cell swipe animation duration

Add the content that should be visible when swipe is applied to the backgroundView of TKListViewCell:

if (cell.SwipeBackgroundView.Subviews.Length == 0) {
    CGSize size = cell.Frame.Size;
    UIFont font = UIFont.SystemFontOfSize(14);
    UIButton bMore = new UIButton(new CGRect(size.Width - 180, 0, 60, size.Height));
    bMore.SetTitle("More", UIControlState.Normal);
    bMore.BackgroundColor = UIColor.LightGray;
    bMore.TitleLabel.Font = font;
    bMore.AddTarget(ButtonTouched, UIControlEvent.TouchUpInside);

    UIButton bFlag = new UIButton(new CGRect(size.Width - 120, 0, 60, size.Height));
    bFlag.SetTitle("Flag", UIControlState.Normal);
    bFlag.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Orange;
    bFlag.TitleLabel.Font = font;
    bFlag.AddTarget(ButtonTouched, UIControlEvent.TouchUpInside);

    UIButton bTrash = new UIButton(new CGRect(size.Width - 60, 0, 60, size.Height));
    bTrash.SetTitle("Trash", UIControlState.Normal);
    bTrash.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Red;
    bTrash.TitleLabel.Font = font;
    bTrash.AddTarget(ButtonTouched, UIControlEvent.TouchUpInside);

    UIButton bUnread = new UIButton(new CGRect(0, 0, 60, size.Height));
    bUnread.SetTitle("Mark as Unread", UIControlState.Normal);
    bUnread.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Blue;
    bUnread.TitleLabel.Font = font;
    bUnread.TitleLabel.LineBreakMode = UILineBreakMode.WordWrap;
    bUnread.TitleLabel.TextAlignment = UITextAlignment.Center;
    bUnread.AddTarget(ButtonTouched, UIControlEvent.TouchUpInside);

Responding to swipe interactions

In order to respond programmatically to a swipe gesture performed by user, you will need to implement one or more of the following methods from the TKListViewDelegate protocol.

  • listView:shouldSwipeCell:atIndexPath:
  • listView:didSwipeCell:atIndexPath:withOffset:
  • listView:didFinishSwipeCell:atIndexPath:withOffset:

class ListViewDelegate: TKListViewDelegate 
    ListViewSwipe owner;

    public ListViewDelegate(ListViewSwipe owner) 
        this.owner = owner;

    public override void DidSwipeCell (TKListView listView, TKListViewCell cell, NSIndexPath indexPath, CGPoint offset)
        this.owner.AnimateButtonInCell (cell, offset);

    public override void DidFinishSwipeCell (TKListView listView, TKListViewCell cell, NSIndexPath indexPath, CGPoint offset)
        Console.WriteLine ("Did swipe cell at index: {0}", indexPath.Row);
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