What is Telerik UI for Xamarin.iOS

Telerik UI for Xamarin.iOS suite delivers functionalities, built with performance in mind, that allow you to build unique and visually stunning iOS applications. The methods and properties are self-explanatory, the architecture is easy to follow. Our controls give you great customization flexibility to accommodate as many app scenarios as possible.


Here are some of the available UI for Xamarin.iOS components at a glance:

TKAlert is a highly customizable alert view component that offers different predefined animations, easy to use Block API, many customization options.

TKAlert features include:

  • Device orientation change support
  • Custom view support
  • CustomView
  • Easy to use block API
  • Fully customizable
  • Predefined appear/dismiss animations
  • Blurred or dimmed background style
  • Parallax effect
  • Custom frame support
  • Auto dismiss after a specified time interval
  • Swipe or pan dismiss options
  • Horizontal/vertical buttons layout

AppFeedback enables your end-users to provide feedback inside your app by simply shaking their device or navigating to the feedback option. Once invoked, the component will automatically take a screenshot and prompt users to point to their issue and provide a comment. The users can then track the feedback they've submitted, viewing its status or supplying additional comments. The component's seamless integration with AppFeedback (a part of the Telerik Platform) allows for organizing and reviewing all feedback items, assigning those to members in your Telerik Platform workspace and responding directly to users. The end result is actionable feedback, and easy interaction between your users and team members.

AutoCompleteTextView can automatically complete user input string by comparing the text being entered to all strings in the associated data source. The control provides means for easy customization and data management. To make working with data easier for developers, TKAutoCompleteTextView works seamlessly with the Telerik DataSource control which serves as a mediator between the raw suggestions data and the UI component which serves as suggestion view. TKAutoCompleteTextView supports:

  • Customizable Tokens
  • Token Layout Modes
  • Suggest Modes
  • Suggestion Match Highlighting
  • Completion Modes
  • Display Modes

Calendar is a calendar control that features week, month and year views as well as multiple dates selection and flexible API for customization. TKCalendar main features include:

  • Week, Month and Year Views.
  • Support for Events - custom or provided by the EventKit.
  • Single, Multiple and Range Selection.
  • Localization.
  • Flexible styling API.

Chart is a versatile charting component that offers full customization, great performance and intuitive object model. Its API allows creating complex charts with stunning animations and appearance.

TKChart main features include:

  • Various series types: bar, column, line, spline, area, pie, donut, scatter, bubble, financial series and indicators.
  • Stacking of bar, column, line and area series including stack 100 mode.
  • Pan/Zoom and selection functionality.
  • Animations that use the CoreAnimations and UIKit dynamics.
  • Multiple axes.

DataForm for iOS is customizable component that allows you to easily create a form for collecting or editing business object data. It is ideal for settings or registration/login pages. TKDataForm supports different commit modes allowing you to commit property values one by one or commit the whole form at once. You could also determine at what moment the properties should be validated choosing between three validation modes. The control lets you use rich set of editors out of the box. The features at a glance are:

DataSource is a non-visual component that consumes data from various sources. It supports data shaping operations like sorting, filterign and grouping. It adopts the most used data enabled UI controls in iOS: UITableView and UICollectionView to automate the presentation of its data. TKDataSource works perfecltly with TKListView, TKChart and TKCalendar too.

Gauge is a highly customizable component that allows you to show the current status of a value within a range of upper and lower bounds, illustrate progress towards a goal or a summary of a fluctuating metric. The main feaatures include:

  • Various components types: indicators, segments, ranges, scales
  • Multiple scales with different ranges
  • Multiple indicators
  • Value animations
  • User interactions

ListView provides the most frequently used functionalities associated with a ListView scenario in one framework, eliminating the overhead of integrating multiple solutions from different authors. To make working with data easier for developers, the control works seamlessly with the DataSource control, which serves as a mediator between the raw data that needs to be displayed and the UI component. Here are the features at a glance:

  • Different layouts
    • Single column
    • Multiple columns
  • UI virtualization
  • Pull-to-refresh
  • Load-on-demand
  • Displaying data in groups
  • Items swipe behavior
  • Items reorder behavior
  • Item animations
  • Single/multiple selection on tap/hold

SideDrawer helps you add extra space to your application. It extends the popular slide-out design pattern which is mainly associated with navigational purposes. The control is highly customizable and allows developers to embed any type of content inside the sliding panel. The SideDrawer feature set includes:

  • Different transition modes:
    • Push
    • Reveal
    • Reverse slide out
    • Slide along
    • Slide in on top
    • Scale up
    • Fade in
  • Support for custom content
  • Section headers
  • Ability to appear from all four edges
  • Ability to appear on swipe or button click

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