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Gauges for Xamarin.iOS: Segments

TKGauge Segment is a class representing a color range indicating a portion of the gauge with different width, radius, start and end value.

You can use the following properties when applying a Segment:

  • Location property of TKGaugeSegment determines how far from the center the segment will be placed. Its value could be between 0 and 1.

  • The width of a segment is controlled by the Width property which can also be between 0 and 1.

  • The segment has properties as Fill and Stroke that are used for customizing the look of the segment.

  • Cap property (of type TelerikUI.TKGaugeSegmentCap) determines if the ends of the segment are rounded or edgy.

TKGaugeSegment segment = new TKGaugeSegment (this.greenValues[i], this.greenValues[i+1]);
segment.Fill = new TKSolidFill(this.greenColors[i]);
segment.Location = 0.67f;
segment.Cap = TKGaugeSegmentCap.Round;

Sample example Segments can be found in our Native Xamarin.iOS examples Gauge Ranges demo.

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