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DataForm for Xamarin.iOS: Collapsible Groups

TKDataForm supports expand/collapse behavior for its property groups when the group's header is tapped. To allow expanding and collapsing groups, you should implement UpdateGroupView of TKDataFormDelegate and set the Collapsible property of the group view. In addition, you can customize the group header through the TitleView.Style property of the GroupView.

Check a sample implementation of UpdateGroupView below:

class MyDataFormDelegate : TKDataFormDelegate
    public override void UpdateGroupView (TKDataForm dataForm, TKEntityPropertyGroupView groupView, uint groupIndex)
        groupView.Collapsible = true;
        groupView.TitleView.Style.SeparatorColor = new TKSolidFill (new UIColor (0.784f, 0.780f, 0.8f, 1.0f));
Just need to set the MyDataFormDelegate to TKDataForm instance:
dataForm.Delegate = new MyDataFormDelegate();

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