Calendar: View Transitions

View transitions allow for switching to the next/previous month with different animation effects. Those effects are available in all view mode presenters that inherit from TKCalendarPresenterBase. These include: month, month names, year numbers. Detailed information about view modes is available in this help article: View modes

The available animations are: card, flip, flow, fold, rotate, and scroll. The default transition is scroll. You should access the transitionMode property of the presenter class in order to customize the transition effect:

TKCalendarMonthPresenter presenter = (TKCalendarMonthPresenter)this.CalendarView.Presenter;
presenter.TransitionMode = TKCalendarTransitionMode.Flip;

The following options can be applied on transitions:

The transitionIsVertical changes the horizontal/vertical orientation of the transition, this changes also the activation gesture:

presenter.TransitionIsVertical = true;

The transitionIsReverse changes the forward/backward direction of the transition, thus changing its effect.

Finally the transition duration can be customized by setting the transitionDuration property:

presenter.TransitionDuration = 2;
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