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AutoCompleteTextView for Xamarin.iOS: Completion Modes

TKAutoCompleteTextView provides two completion modes:

  • TKAutoCompleteCompletionModeStartsWith - returns suggestions that start with what the end-user has typed.

  • TKAutoCompleteCompletionModeContains - returns suggestions that contain what the end-user has typed.

They are accessible through the TLKDataSource. The default completion mode is TKAutoCompleteCompletionModeStartsWith.

this.Autocomplete = new TKAutoCompleteTextView(new CGRect(10, this.View.Bounds.Y + 10, this.View.Bounds.Size.Width - 20, 30));
this.AutomaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets = false;
this.Datasource = new TLKDataSource ();
this.Datasource.Settings.AutoComplete.CompletionMode = TKAutoCompleteCompletionMode.Contains;
//this.dataSource.Settings.AutoComplete.CompletionMode = TKAutoCompleteCompletionMode.StartsWith;
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