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An exception or undesired behavior occurs when BusyIndicator.Content contains data bound controls and IsBusy value is toggled.


The View elements inside the RadBusyIndicator's Content are removed from the visual tree when IsBusy=True. This can cause issues on some platforms when the content contains a data bound control.


To address these use cases, you can take the following approach:

  1. Re-position the RadBusyIndicator on top of the content
  2. Set the BackgroundColor with a semi-transparent color
  3. Bind the IsBusy and IsVisible to the same property

Scenario Example:

A scenario this problem will occur is when the BusyIndicator Content contains a RadListView with a data-bound ItemsSource


<primitives:RadBusyIndicator BackgroundColor="#AAFFFFFF"
                             IsBusy="{Binding IsBusy}">
            <!-- RadListView is within the RadBusyIndicator.Content -->
            <dataControls:RadListView ItemsSource="{Binding MyItems}" />

After (recommended)

    <!-- RadListView is the lowest visual element in the Grid's children -->
    <dataControls:RadListView ItemsSource="{Binding MyItems}" />

    <!-- The RadBusyIndicator is on top of the RadListView -->
    <primitives:RadBusyIndicator BackgroundColor="#AAFFFFFF"
                                 IsBusy="{Binding IsBusy}"
                                 IsVisible="{Binding IsBusy}"/>


BusyIndicator example

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