System Requirements

In order to develop applications with Telerik UI for Xamarin you need to have the following development tools installed:


  • Windows 8.1 or higher. You would need Windows 10 in order to develop for UWP.
  • Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2019 with Xamarin installed.

    • To install Xamarin for Visual Studio 2017/ Visual Studio 2019, you would need to enable Mobile development with .NET workload.

      • If you run a fresh installation of Visual Studio, you will be prompted to select workloads during the installation process.
      • if you already have Visual Studio installed, you could modify the active workloads by re-running the Visual Studio installer and selecting "Modify" option.

    Figure 1: VS 2017 with Mobile development with .NET workload enabled

    Before proceeding, please make sure the following Individual components are included:

    • Xamarin
    • Text Template Transformation
    • .NET Portable Library targeting pack

    For more detailed instructions go to Installing Xamarin in Visual Studio on Windows topic in Xamarin documentation.

    • То add Xamarin to Visual Studio 2015 you would need to enable Cross-Platform Mobile Development > C#/.NET (Xamarin) feature in VS 2015 installer.

      • If you run a new installation of VS 2015, select "Custom" type within the installer in order to be able to select additional features.
      • If you already have VS 2015 installed, go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, choose the Visual Studio 2015 item, and click "Change". When the installer opens, select "Modify";

    Figure 2: VS 2015 with C#/.NET (Xamarin) feature enabled

    For detailed information on how to setup your VS 2015 development environment check this MSDN article.

  • For building iOS apps - configured iOS build host.


You will be able to develop Android and iOS apps. The iOS apps will require iOS 8 and higher. Windows apps are not supported on macOS.

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