CheckBox elements

The RadTreeView supports showing CheckBox elements and checking specific items from its ItemsSource. The checked items are added to the CheckedItems property of the control. You can also control the Visibility of the CheckBox elements as well as their state propagation.

CheckBox State Propagation

You can control the state propagation by setting the CheckBoxMode property of the RadTreeView. The CheckBoxModes enum consists of the following values:

  • None: The CheckBox would not be present.
  • Individual: The CheckBox state will affect only the individual item.
  • Propagate: The CheckBox state of the children items will affect the parent item. In case all items within a parent nodes are checked - it will be with checked state as well. If all items are not checked, the parent item will not be checked. If only some of the children items are checked, the parent item will be shown with an indeterminate state.

Here is an example of how you can set the property:

        <dataControls:RadTreeView ItemsSource="{Binding SmallSource}"

Here is a picture that show the different states of the CheckBox:

checkbox states

CheckedItems collection

The control exposes a collection of all the checked items. You can subscribe to its CollectionChanged event and keep track of the checked items:

    public TreeViewCheckboxes ()
        this.SmallSource = new ObservableCollection<Item>();
        this.BindingContext = this;
        InitializeComponent (); = new TreeViewDemoAdapter();
        //subscribe to the CollectionChanged event of the collection
        tv.CheckedItems.CollectionChanged += CheckedItems_CollectionChanged;

    private void CheckedItems_CollectionChanged(object sender, System.Collections.Specialized.NotifyCollectionChangedEventArgs e)
        var ci = as TreeViewItemsCollection;
        //show the number of checked items in a Label
        this.CheckedItemsCount.Text = ci.Count.ToString();

CheckBoxes Visibility

The CheckBox visibility can be controlled through the CheckBoxMode property. Setting it to "None" would remove the appearance of these elements. Here is the appearance of the control when the CheckBoxMode is set to None:

hidden checkboxes

You can check a runnable demo in the Features section of the RadTreeView component in the SDK Samples Browser application(can be found in the Examples folder of your local Telerik UI for Xamarin installation)

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