Changing the selection will highlight the corresponding item and show its content under the tab strip area.

The RadTabView control exposes a few useful properties which can help you work with the items selection.

Setting the Selected Item

The tabview control has a SelectedItem property which you can use to set up the selection. The property is of type TabViewItem and it can be assigned to any item from the Items collection of RadTabView.

You can also select a TabViewItem by setting its IsSelected property.

Note that if the item assigned to the SelectedItem property is not added in the Items collection the control, the selection will be lost.


This example shows how to set the selection manually.

RadTabView tabView = new RadTabView();
tabView.Items.Add(new TabViewItem() { HeaderText = "Home" });
tabView.Items.Add(new TabViewItem() { HeaderText = "Folder" });
tabView.Items.Add(new TabViewItem() { HeaderText = "View" });

tabView.SelectedItem = tabView.Items[1];

Figure 1: Selection example

TabView selection example

Customizing the Selected Item

In order to customize the appearance of the selected item, you can modify the control template of the TabViewHeaderItem. More information can be found in the TabViewHeader Custom Template topic.

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