This article describes the properties and the events that are specific for the RadSideDrawer component.


  • DrawerContent (View): Gets or sets the drawer (initially hidden) content.
  • MainContent (View which gets or sets the (initially visible) content of the component.
  • IsOpen (bool): Gets or sets a value indicating if the drawer content is visible.
  • DrawerLength (double): Gets or sets how much the drawer content should be extended over the main content in opened position.
  • DrawerLocation (SideDrawerLocation): Gets or sets the location from which the drawer will be opened. This property can be set to one of the following values: {Left, Right, Top or Bottom}.
  • DrawerTransitionDuration (double): Gets or sets the duration of the chosen transition.
  • DrawerTransitionType (SideDrawerTransitionType): Gets or sets the transition of the component. This property can be set to one of the following values: {Fade, Push, Reveal, ReverseSlideOut, ScaleUp, SlideAling, SlideInOnTop, Custom}.
  • DrawerTransitionFadeOpacity (double): Gets or sets the opacity of the fade layer of the component. This controls the fade layer opacity on Android or the dim opacity on iOS.
  • Commands (ObservableCollection): A collection with elements of type ICommand containing all user defined commands.
  • AreGesturesEnabled(bool): Gets or sets ability for gestures to open and close the drawer


  • DrawerOpening: Raised when the drawer starts opening.
  • DrawerOpened: Raised when the drawer is already opened.
  • DrawerClosing: Raised when the drawer starts closing.
  • DrawerClosed: Raised when the drawer is already closed.

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