The RadListView component provides styling mechanism for customizing the look of its items. This mechanism consists of the following properties:

  1. ItemStyle
  2. SelectedItemStyle
  3. PressedItemStyle

All the properties can be get or set and their type is ListViewItemStyle.


The properties of this object are respectively applied to the native components. The supported ones are the following:

  1. BackgroundColor (Color): gets or sets the background of the item(s).
  2. BorderColor (Color): gets or sets the color of the border.
  3. BorderWidth (double): gets or sets the width of the borer.
  4. BorderLocation (Location): gets or sets an enumeration describing where the border should be visible.


This enumeration contains the following members:

  • None - the border should not be visualized.
  • Top - the border should be visualized only at the top side.
  • Bottom -the border should be visualized only at the bottom side.
  • Left - the border should be visualized only at the left side.
  • Right - the border should be visualized only at the right side.
  • All (default value) - the border should be visualized all around the item.


<telerikDataControls:RadListView ItemsSource="{Binding SourceList}">
      <telerikListView:ListViewItemStyle BackgroundColor="Transparent" BorderLocation="None"/>

      <telerikListView:ListViewItemStyle BackgroundColor="#E5EDF3" BorderWidth="3" BorderLocation="Bottom"/>

      <telerikListView:ListViewItemStyle BackgroundColor="#C1C1C1" BorderColor="#FF692F" BorderWidth="3" BorderLocation="Bottom"/>

        <telerikListView:ListViewTextCell Text="{Binding Title}" />