RadListView provides you with the functionality to programmatically group its data at runtime. This can be achieved through adding groupdescriptors to the RadListView.GroupDescriptors collection.


You can group the data by a property value from the class that defines your items. This descriptor exposes the following properties:

  • PropertyName: Gets or sets the string name of the property you want to group by.
  • SortOrder: Gets or sets the sort order in each group to Ascending or Descending.


This descriptor enables you to group by a custom key (e.g. some complex expression combining two or more properties) instead of being limited by the value of a single property. This descriptor exposes the following properties:

  • KeyLookup: Gets or sets the IKeyLookup instance used to retrieve the group key for each data item.
  • SortOrder: Gets or sets the sort order in each group to Ascending or Descending.



<telerikDataControls:RadListView x:Name="EventsList">
            <Grid Padding="16, 0, 0, 0">
              <Label Text="{Binding Content}" FontSize="Large"/>
      <telerikListView:PropertyGroupDescriptor PropertyName="Day"/>
        <Grid BackgroundColor="#C1C1C1">
          <Label Text="{Binding }" TextColor="#303030" FontSize="Medium" HorizontalOptions="Center"/>

Where the telerikDataControls and the listView alias are defined like this:



public partial class StartPage : ContentPage
    public StartPage()

        this.EventsList.ItemsSource = this.GenerateSource();

    private System.Collections.IEnumerable GenerateSource()
        var results = new List<Event>();

        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "Content of the item", Day = "Today" });
        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "This also happens today", Day = "Today" });
        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "More events today", Day = "Today" });
        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "Go shopping after 19:00", Day = "Today" });
        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "You are now free to do whathever", Day = "Today" });

        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "For tommorow", Day = "Tommorow" });
        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "It is a free day", Day = "Tommorow" });
        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "Go have some fun", Day = "Tommorow" });
        results.Add(new Event() { Content = "Party", Day = "Tommorow" });

        return results;

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