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The purpose of this help article is to show you the key features of the RadEntry control.


RadEntry exposes WatermarkText property used to give guidance to the end user on what should be entered in the text input. The watermark text is displayed when the control is empty. Additionally, you could set WatermarkTextColor to customize the look of the watermark text.

<telerikInput:RadEntry WatermarkText="First Name" WatermarkTextColor="#6EA3FF" />




RadEntry provides IsPassword Boolean property, which when set to True, replaces the input with password hint character.

<telerikInput:RadEntry IsPassword="True" />


The BorderStyle property allows you to customize the border around the Entry through the following properties: BorderColor, BorderThickness and CornerRadius. The default value is defined by the OS.

You could define the BorderStyle in the Resources of your page as shown in the example below:

<telerikInput:BorderStyle x:Key="EntryBorderStyle" BorderThickness="1" BorderColor="#4488F6" CornerRadius="8" />

And then apply that Style to the Entry instance:

<telerikInput:RadEntry x:Name="entry" WatermarkText="First Name" BorderStyle="{StaticResource EntryBorderStyle}"/>

Here is the end result:

Entry Key Features Example

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