Telerik RadChat for Xamarin (available since R2 2018) is a UI component that enables easy implementation of conversational UI in Xamarin applications, whether by utilizing certain chatbot framework, by following a predefined logical tree, or just for integrating P2P chat capabilities.

Figure 1: RadChat Overview

Chat Overview

Key features

  • A variety of chat items for better user experience: You could choose between simple text messages, various picker items and cards.
  • Highly customizable message and card content: You have full control over the visual appearance of the chat items;
  • Integration with conversational UI APIs: RadChat control can be used with all the major conversational UI APIs or services such as Microsoft Bot, Google’s API.AI, Amazon LEX, and more.
  • Theming Support: RadChat comes with built-in theming support that helps you achieve consistent look with the rest controls from Telerik UI for Xamarin suite.

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