Appointments Styling

Appointments can be customized only in iOS and Android.

This article's purpose is to get users familiar with the AppointmentsStyle property of the RadCalendar component. It is of type CalendarAppointmentsStyle that exposes number of properties that will help you customize the calendar appointments in the most common scenarios.

Visual Structure

The events can be rendered as text or shapes or a combination of these. The images below explain the the visual structure and the elements in the different display modes.

Text Mode

Text Mode

Shapes Mode

Text Mode

CalendarAppointmentsStyle Properties

Common properties

  • DisplayMode (AppointmentDisplayMode): Gets or sets how the appointments are visualized. The possible modes are:
    • Text
    • TextWithShape
    • TextWithBackground
    • Shape
  • MaxCount (int): Gets or sets the maximum count of displayed events.
  • Padding (Thickness): Gets or sets the padding of the rectangle that holds the events.
  • Spacing (double): Gets or sets the empty space between two appointments in the same date.

Text Specific Properties

  • FontSize (double): Gets or sets a value controlling the size of the text of an appointment.
  • TextColor (Color): Gets or sets the color for all appointments that are not marked as all day. This color will be applied if the TextColorFromAppointment property is set to false.
  • AllDayTextColor (Color): Gets or sets the text color for the all-day appointments.
  • MoreTextColor (Color): Gets or sets the color for the text indicating there are appointments that are not displayed due to lack of space.
  • TextPadding (Thickness): Gets or sets the padding of the appointments text.
  • AllDayTextPadding (Thickness): Gets or sets the padding of the all-day appointments text.
  • TextColorFromAppointment (bool): Gets or sets a boolean value indicating whether the appointment text should take its color from the IAppointment.Color value or the TextColor property value should be used.
  • TextVerticalLocation (VerticalLocation): Gets or sets the vertical position of the text.
  • TextHorizontalLocation (HorizontalLocation): Gets or sets the horizontal position of the text.
  • MoreTextFormatString (string): Gets or sets the format string that will be used to modify the text displaying how many appointments remain hidden, e.g.: " {0} more"
  • BackgroundRectBorderRadius (double): Gets or sets the border radius of the text background rectangle.

Shapes Specific Properties

  • ShapeSize (Size): Gets or sets the dimensions that will be user when drawing the separate shapes.
  • ShapesOrientation (Orientation): Gets or sets the orientation of the shapes.
  • ShapeSize (Size): Gets or sets the size of the events shapes.
  • ShapesVerticalLocation (VerticalLocation): Gets or sets the vertical position of the events shapes.
  • ShapesHorizontalLocation (HorizontalLocation): Gets or sets the horizontal position of the events shapes.
  • AllDayShapesDisplayMode (AllDayDisplayMode): Gets or sets a value defining how the all-day events will be visualized.
    • Indicator
    • WithShapes
  • AllDayIndicatorWidth (double): Gets or sets the width of the all-day indicator. It will take all available space for its other dimension depending on its location.
  • AllDayIndicatorPadding (Thickness): Gets or sets the padding of the all-day indicator rectangle.
  • ShapeType (CalendarAppointmentShapeType): Gets or sets the shape representing an appointment.

    • Rectangle
    • Ellipse
    • TriangleUp
    • TriangleDown
    • Rhombus

      Shape Type

  • AllDayShapeType (CalendarAppointmentShapeType): Gets or sets the shape type of the all-day appointments. If this property is not set, the ShapeType value will be used.
  • AllDayIndicatorLocation (Location): Gets or sets the location where the all day indicators are visualized.

    • None
    • Top
    • Bottom
    • Left
    • Right

      AllDay Indicator Location

  • ReserveIndicatorSpace (bool): In scenarios where appointments are rendered as shapes with all-day indicator, but there are no all-day events for a specific day. This property specifies whether the shapes will keep the space where the indicator is drawn or they will take all available space.


var r = new Random();
var appointments = new ObservableCollection<Appointment>();
for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++)
    var start = DateTime.Now.AddDays(r.Next(-30, 3)).AddHours(r.Next(-12, 12));
    appointments.Add(new Appointment() 
        Color = Color.FromRgb(r.Next(256), r.Next(256), r.Next(256)),
        StartDate = start,
        EndDate = start.AddDays(r.Next(3)).AddHours(r.Next(24)),
        IsAllDay = r.Next(100) % 3 == 0 ? true : false,
        Title = i + " appointment title"

this.calendar.AppointmentsSource = appointments;
this.calendar.AppointmentsStyle = new CalendarAppointmentsStyle
    DisplayMode = AppointmentDisplayMode.Shape,
    Padding = new Thickness(5, 25, 5, 5),
    MaxCount = 20,
    Spacing = 1,
    ShapesHorizontalLocation = HorizontalLocation.Right,
    ShapesVerticalLocation = VerticalLocation.Bottom,
    ShapesOrientation = Orientation.Vertical,
    ShapeSize = new Size(6, 4),
    ShapeType = CalendarAppointmentShapeType.Rectangle,
    AllDayShapesDisplayMode = AllDayDisplayMode.Indicator,
    AllDayIndicatorLocation = Location.Top,
    AllDayIndicatorPadding = new Thickness(5, 2),
    AllDayIndicatorWidth = 2,

The result should be similar to this:

Styling Appointments

Styling Appointments

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