Navigation and View Mode


  • DisplayDate (DateTime): A date in the current view.
  • MinDate (DateTime): Gets or sets the min date that could be displayed or selected.
  • MaxDate (DateTime): Gets or sets the max date that can be displayed or selected.


  • DisplayDateChanged (ValueChangedEventArgs<object>): Occurs when the selected date is changed.


First you have to create a RadCalendar control:

<telerikInput:RadCalendar x:Name="calendar"/>



Or in code:

var calendar = new RadCalendar();

Then you can set the properties:

calendar.MinDate = DateTime.Today.AddMonths(-1);
calendar.MaxDate = DateTime.Today.AddMonths(5);
calendar.DisplayDate = DateTime.Today.AddMonths(2);     

Or subscribe to the DisplayDateChanged event:

calendar.DisplayDateChanged += (s,e) =>
    // do something  



  • ViewMode (CalendarViewMode): Gets the current view mode of the calendar (use the TrySetViewMode method to set the current view).
    Here are listed the supported view modes for each platform:
View Mode iOS Android UWP
Day -
Year -
Week -
MonthNames -
YearNumbers -
Flow - -


  • ViewChanged (ValueChangedEventArgs<CalendarViewMode>): Occurs when the calendar view mode is changed.


Important: All calendar navigation methods should be called after the native element has been loaded. Here are the events that you can use:

  • NativeControlLoaded (EventArgs): Occurs when the renderer has finished preparing the native control.
  • NativeControlUnloaded (EventArgs): Occurs when the native control is in invalid state.
  • bool TrySetViewMode(CalendarViewMode view, bool isAnimated = true): Tries to set the view mode of the calendar to the specified value. If the view mode is supported, the method returns true, otherwise returns false.
  • bool TryNavigateToUpperView (bool isAnimated = true): Navigates to upper view if possible. Returns true if navigation has been successful, false otherwise.
    • iOS: Month > MonthNames > YearNumbers
    • Android: Month > Year
    • UWP: Month > MonthNames > YearNumbers
  • bool TryNavigateToLowerView (bool isAnimated = true): Navigates to lower view if possible. Returns true if navigation has been successful, false otherwise.
    • iOS: YearNumbers > MonthNames > Month
    • Android: Year > Month
    • UWP: YearNumbers > MonthNames > Month


You need to attach to the NativeControlLoaded event:

var calendar = new RadCalendar();
calendar.NativeControlLoaded += CalendarLoaded;

When the control is loaded, you can change the view mode.

private void CalendarLoaded(object sender, EventArgs args)
    (sender as RadCalendar).TrySetViewMode(CalendarViewMode.Year);