View Modes

RadCalendar is a control that displays a calendar representation from which the user can select a date. There are various View modes that specify what is visible in the Calendar views: a day, few days, a month, a year.

The table below lists the supported view modes for each platform:

View Mode iOS Android UWP
Year -
Week -
MonthNames -
YearNumbers -
Flow - -

You could check how the most used view modes look on different platforms below:

Day ViewMode

Calendar DayView

Month ViewMode

Calendar MonthView

Year ViewMode (available on Android and iOS only)

Calendar YearView

You can refer to the MultiDay View topic for detailed information on the recently added MultiDay view mode of RadCalendar.

Setting the ViewMode

ViewMode property is of type CalendarViewMode and is used to get the current ViewMode of RadCalendar control. In order to set a different View, you'd need to use any of the methods listed below:

  • bool TrySetViewMode(CalendarViewMode view, bool isAnimated = true): Tries to set the view mode of the calendar to the specified value. If the view mode is supported, the method returns true, otherwise returns false.
  • bool TryNavigateToUpperView (bool isAnimated = true): Navigates to upper view if possible. Returns true if navigation has been successful, false otherwise.
    • iOS: Month > MonthNames > YearNumbers
    • Android: Month > Year
    • UWP: Month > MonthNames > YearNumbers
  • bool TryNavigateToLowerView (bool isAnimated = true): Navigates to lower view if possible. Returns true if navigation has been successful, false otherwise.
    • iOS: YearNumbers > MonthNames > Month
    • Android: Year > Month
    • UWP: YearNumbers > MonthNames > Month

Important: All calendar navigation methods should be called after the native element has been loaded. Here are the events that you can use:

  • NativeControlLoaded (EventArgs): Occurs when the renderer has finished preparing the native control.
  • NativeControlUnloaded (EventArgs): Occurs when the native control is in invalid state.


You need to attach to the NativeControlLoaded event:

<telerikInput:RadCalendar x:Name="calendar" NativeControlLoaded="CalendarLoaded" />
When the control is loaded, you can change the view mode.
private void CalendarLoaded(object sender, EventArgs args)
    (sender as RadCalendar).TrySetViewMode(CalendarViewMode.Day);

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