Add Scenario

The Scenario templates’ purpose is to let you quickly start using Telerik UI for WPF in your existing projects. You can use the following steps to use our Scenario templates.

  1. Open the Add New Item dialog, just as you usually do when adding a new Item to your project and select the Telerik Scenario Item template or use the Add Telerik Scenario menu item

    VSExtentions WPF Scenario Wizard Menu 2

  2. Click Add

    VSExtentions WPF Scenario Wizard Add Item

  3. Select a scenario in the Telerik Scenario Wizard and click Finish

    VSExtentions WPF Scenario Wizard

    Currently there are three predefined scenarios:

    • Page – Creates a basic Page, ready to use with Telerik UI for WPF

    • RadWindow – Creates a new RadWindow item. RadWindow lets you create Child and Dialogs Windows, which can have their appearance and content customized.

    • RadPane – Creates a new RadPane item. RadPane is the main content unit of the RadDocking control.

    The result will be:

    VSExtentions WPF Scenario Wizard Result

    • A new item will be added to your project, depending on your choice in the Scenario Wizard

    • All necessary references will be added to your project

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