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This article describes the release history of the control.

For the complete Release History of UI for WPF go to What's New Section.

Q1 2014

What's New

  • Make property to remove easily the delete button from the appointment

What's Fixed

  • DialogClosing event is fired more than once

Q3 2013

What's New

  • Provide way to change the recurrent pattern when dragging appointment or a notification message that this can't be done this way

What's Fixed

  • Allow to set ToolTips on SpecialSlots in RadScheduleView

  • Unable to use DatePicker's keyboard navigation in ScheduleView

  • AppointmentSaving event is fired when opening the EditAppointmentDialog, if previously in AppointmentSaving the e.Cancel = true

  • Special slots tooltip is not visible in Windows8Touch theme

  • When used the constructor with Null set to DaysOfMonth property and get the iCal after this, the rule line end with "BYMONTHDAY=".

  • Weekly recurring appointment series do not update correctly when they are dragged/resized.

  • Exception is thrown in the VS 2010 designer.

  • If the RecurrencePattern's DaysOfMonth is set to null upon opening the edit recurrence dialog a NullReferenceException is thrown

Q2 2013

What's New

  • Make the new constructor of the AppointmentDialogViewModel public

  • Delete obsoleted InvertedBooleanConverter from RadScheduleView

  • The delete button is showing on selection in order to be clickable with touch

What's Fixed

  • When the user tries to drag an appointment inside a read-only slot, RadScheduleView does not accept any drop from external source anymore

  • PropertyChanged event of the RecurrencePattern is not fired when its properties are changed

  • When the DayStartTime and DayEndTime properties of the TimelineViewDefinition are changed dynamically the slots are not measured properly

  • The application hangs when resizing it

  • OccurrenceFilter property is not updating the view of RadScheduleView if it is changed at run-time

  • NavigationHeader has wrong Height in Windows8 theme

  • An ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the CurrentDate is set to MinValue and you click on the empty group header

  • Border is missing on today slot in the Windows8Touch theme of RadScheduleView

  • Adding a Slot with End = DateTime MaxValue to the SpecialSlotsSource collection of the ScheduleView raises an exception

Q1 2013

What's New

  • Add OccurrenceFilter property

  • Add ToolTipStyle property

  • Provide a way to make the row expand automatically in MonthViewDefinition when there are more appointments

What's Fixed

  • ScheduleView should not use the Local time zone for its internal calculations

  • When adding an appointment with Start = End, the appointment is added to the appointment source, but it is not displayed on the ScheduleView

  • When importing all day recurring appointments they are not displayed in DayView and WeekView

  • The ICal importer throws DateTimeParse exception for recurrent all day appointments exported by Google Calendar

  • When the FirstVisibleGroup property is set to a group with no TimeZone set, an exception is thrown

  • VisibleRangeChanged event is triggered more times when initially loading the control and have ActiveViewDefinitionIndex set

  • When changing Start/End time of an appointment in EditRecurrenceDialog, these properties are not updated in EditAppointmentDialog

  • Inconsistency between DAILY and BYDAY attributes when importing ICal appointments

  • Dragging 2 appointments from different resources adds both resources to one of the appointments

  • Appointments are not displayed when changing the theme runtime in TimelineViewDefinition

  • CustomAppointmentItemTemplate is not applied when changing from DayView to other Views

  • When the start time of the day in DayView is bigger than the start time of the all day appointment, the appointment is missing

  • When increasing the start time of an appointment in the EditAppointmentDialog, the end time should be automatically increased

  • RadScheduleView raises ArgumentException in TimelineViewDefinition when VisibleDays="1" and the day duration is shorter than the DayStartTime

  • When the Focus in the control clicking on a Hyperlink causes InvalidOperationException

  • ScrollTimeRuler method does not behave as expected when changing from MonthView to Day/WeekView

  • Delete obsoleted InvertedBooleanConverter from ScheduleView

  • Error when recurrence appointment start is equal to start time of view

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