Product Card

ProductCard extends ImageCard by adding a few more fields for additional information intended to describe a product. Below are the properties that are specific for it.

  • RatingItemsCount: controls the overall number of items based on which the product will be rated
  • Rating: sets the rating value of the given card product
  • Price: the product price

Example 1: Defining a ProductCard

  ProductCardMessage productCardMessage = new ProductCardMessage(this.currentAuthor);

        productCardMessage.Title = "Health Insurance";
        productCardMessage.SubTitle = "Ensure your health now!";
        productCardMessage.Text = "We offer flexible health insurance packages!";
        productCardMessage.CardOrientation = CardOrientation.Portrait;
        productCardMessage.CloseAfterReport = true;
        productCardMessage.ImageDisplayMode = ImageDisplayMode.Stretch;
        productCardMessage.ImageSource = new BitmapImage(new Uri("/Images/insurance-Geico.png", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute));
        productCardMessage.RatingItemsCount = 5;
        productCardMessage.Price = "Starting from 200$/month";
        productCardMessage.Rating = 3;;

Adding such ProductCard will result in the following message.

Figure 1: Defining ProductCard

Defining ImageCard

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