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RadDocument Class
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Model
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Documents (in Telerik.Windows.Documents.dll) Version: 2018.2.515.40 (2018.2.515.40)
public class RadDocument : DocumentElement, 
	ISupportShouldSerialize, ISupportInitialize, INotifyPropertyChanged

The RadDocument type exposes the following members.

Public methodRadDocument
Initializes a new instance of the RadDocument class.
Public methodAddCustomListStyle
Public methodArrange
Arranges the document.
Public methodBeginStylesUpdate
Public methodBeginUpdate
This method supports control infrastructure and is not intended for use directly from your code.
Protected methodCallOnDocumentContentChanged
Public methodCanUnprotectDocument
Public methodChangeAllFieldsDisplayMode Obsolete.
Public methodChangeBibliographicStyle Obsolete.
Public methodChangeFieldDisplayMode Obsolete.
Public methodClearValue (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodContainsAnnotationMarkersOfTypeT
Determines whether the document contains annotation markers of type T.
Public methodCopyPropertiesFrom (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodCopyPropertiesFromOverride (Overrides DocumentElementCopyPropertiesFromOverride(DocumentElement).)
Public methodCopyPropertiesFromStyle (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodCreateDeepCopy (Overrides DocumentElementCreateDeepCopy.)
Protected methodCreateLayoutBox (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodCreateLayoutBox(DocumentStructureCollection) (Overrides DocumentElementCreateLayoutBox(DocumentStructureCollection).)
Protected methodCreateNewElementInstance (Overrides DocumentElementCreateNewElementInstance.)
Public methodCreateShallowCopy (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodDelete(Boolean) Obsolete.
Public methodDelete(Boolean, DocumentPosition) Obsolete.
Public methodDeleteAtDocumentPosition Obsolete.
Public methodDeleteBookmark(String) Obsolete.
Public methodDeleteBookmark(BookmarkRangeStart) Obsolete.
Public methodDeleteComment Obsolete.
Public methodDeleteCustomAnnotationRange Obsolete.
Public methodDeletePermissionRange Obsolete.
Public methodDeleteRange Obsolete.
Public methodDeleteReadOnlyRange Obsolete.
Public methodEndStylesUpdate
Public methodEndUpdate
This method supports control infrastructure and is not intended for use directly from your code.
Public methodEnsureDocumentMeasuredAndArranged
Ensures document layout is performed and layout-boxes have been created.
Public methodEnumerateChildrenOfTypeT (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodExtractStyleFromLocalProperties (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodExtractStyleFromProperties (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetAllBookmarks
Public methodGetAllPermissionInfos
Public methodGetAllRevisions
Gets all revisions.
Public methodGetAnnotationMarkersOfTypeT
Gets all annotation markers of type T in the document.
Public methodGetAssociatedLayoutBoxes (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetBibliographicSource
Tries to find a Bibliographic Source in the document. Returns null if none is found.
Public methodGetBookmarkByName
Public methodGetCommentRangeStartByComment
Gets the comment range start by comment.
Public methodGetContainingAnnotationRangesTRangeStart(HierarchicalIndex, HierarchicalIndex)
Public methodGetContainingAnnotationRangesTRangeStart(Inline, Boolean)
Gets the annotation ranges of type TRangeStart surrounding an inline.
Public methodGetContainingAnnotationRangesTRangeStart(Inline, PredicateTRangeStart, Boolean)
Gets the annotation ranges of type TRangeStart surrounding an inline that match a condition.
Public methodGetCurrentPermissions
Public methodGetCurrentRevision
Gets the current revision.
Public methodGetLayoutBoxByPosition
Gets a layout box that intersects with a position.
Public methodGetNextComment
Gets the next comment.
Public methodGetNextRevision
Gets the next revision.
Public methodGetParentOfTypeT (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetPermissions
Public methodGetPreviousComment
Gets the previous comment.
Public methodGetPreviousRevision
Gets the previous revision.
Public methodGetPropertyValueSource (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetRootDocument (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetStatisticsInfo
Gets the statistical information about the document.
Public methodGetStyleProperty(String) (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetStyleProperty(IStylePropertyDefinition) (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGoToBookmark(String)
Public methodGoToBookmark(BookmarkRangeStart)
Public methodGoToComment(Comment)
Selects comment.
Public methodGoToComment(CommentRangeStart)
Selects comment.
Public methodGoToNextComment
Selects next comment.
Public methodGoToNextEndnote
Moves current position to the next endnote.
Public methodGoToNextFootnote
Moves current position to the next footnote.
Public methodGoToNextRevision
Selects next revision.
Public methodGoToPreviousComment
Selects previous comment.
Public methodGoToPreviousEndnote
Moves current position to the previous endnote.
Public methodGoToPreviousFootnote
Moves current position to the previous footnote.
Public methodGoToPreviousRevision
Selects previous revision.
Public methodGoToRevision
Selects revision.
Public methodInsert(String, StyleDefinition) Obsolete.
Public methodInsert(String, StyleDefinition, DocumentPosition) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertBookmark Obsolete.
Public methodInsertComment(Comment) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertComment(DocumentPosition, DocumentPosition, Comment) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertCustomAnnotationRange Obsolete.
Public methodInsertEndnote Obsolete.
Public methodInsertEndnote(Note) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertField(Field) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertField(Field, FieldDisplayMode) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertFootnote Obsolete.
Public methodInsertFootnote(Note) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertFragment(DocumentFragment) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertFragment(DocumentFragment, DocumentPosition) Obsolete.
Inserts a document fragment into the document.
Public methodInsertHyperlink(HyperlinkInfo, IEnumerableInline) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertHyperlink(DocumentPosition, DocumentPosition, HyperlinkInfo) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertInline(Inline) Obsolete.
Public methodInsertInline(Inline, DocumentPosition) Obsolete.
Inserts an inline element into the document.
Public methodInsertLineBreak Obsolete.
Public methodInsertPageBreak Obsolete.
Public methodInsertPermissionRange Obsolete.
Public methodInsertReadOnlyRange Obsolete.
Public methodInsertSectionBreak Obsolete.
Protected methodInvalidateAssociatedBoxesArrange (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodInvalidateAssociatedBoxesLayout (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodInvalidateAssociatedBoxesMeasure (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodIsInAnnotationRangeTRangeStart(Inline, Boolean)
Determines whether the specified inline is in annotation range of type TRangeStart.
Public methodIsInAnnotationRangeTRangeStart(Inline, PredicateTRangeStart, Boolean)
Determines whether the specified inline is in annotation range of type TRangeStart that matches a condition.
Public methodMailMerge
Public methodMailMergeCurrentRecord
Public methodMeasure
Measures the document.
Public methodMeasureAndArrangeInDefaultSize
Forces document layout update, measuring document in RadDocument.MAX_DOCUMENT_SIZE
Public methodMergeSpansWithSameStyles
Merges adjacent spans with same style properties into one.
Protected methodOnDocumentArranged
Protected methodOnDocumentContentChanged
Protected methodOnLayoutModeChanged
Protected methodOnMergeFieldToStringConverting
Protected methodOnParentChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnParentChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnPresentationChanged
Raises the [E:PresentationChanged] event.
Protected methodOnPresentationChanging
Protected methodOnProtectionSettingsChanged
Protected methodOnRemoved (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnRequestCurrentUserInfo
Protected methodOnStreamFromUriResolving
Protected methodOnStyleChanged (Overrides DocumentElementOnStyleChanged.)
Protected methodOnStyleChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnStylePropertyChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnUserAuthenticationRequest
Public methodProtectDocument
Public methodRegisterDefaultHeadingStyles
Creates and registers the "Heading X" styles with the default settings.
Public methodSetCurrentEditingSpanStyleName
Public methodToggleFieldCodes Obsolete.
Public methodUnprotectDocument
Public methodUpdateAllFields Obsolete.
Public methodUpdateAllFields(FieldDisplayMode) Obsolete.
Public methodUpdateField Obsolete.
Public methodUpdateLayout
Forces the document to update its layout.
Public methodUpdatePermissionRanges Obsolete.
Public methodUpdateSectionsStyle Obsolete.
Public methodUpdateSelectedParagraphsStyle Obsolete.
Public methodUpdateSelectedSectionsStyle Obsolete.
Public methodUpdateSelectedSpansStyle Obsolete.
Public methodUpdateStyles
Public propertyBibliographicSources
Public propertyBibliographicStyles
Public propertyCaptionDefinitions
Public propertyCaptions
Public propertyCaretPosition
Gets a value representing the current caret position.
Public propertyChildIndex (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyChildren (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyCodeFormatter
Public propertyCursor (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyDefaultPageLayoutSettings Obsolete.
Public propertyDefaultStyleSettings Obsolete.
This property is introduced for backward compatibility only. Please use Style instead.
(Overrides DocumentElementDefaultStyleSettings.)
Public propertyDefaultTabWidth
Gets or sets the default tab width.
Public propertyDesiredSize
Gets a value representing the desired layout size of the document.
Public propertyDocumentContentChangedInterval
Gets or sets a value how often to fire the DocumentContentChanged event.
Protected propertyDocumentElements (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyDocumentLayoutBox
Gets a value representing the layout box of the document.
Public propertyDocumentVariableList
This property supports XAML serialization infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public propertyDocumentVariables
Public propertyEndnotesFirstNumber
Gets or sets the endnotes starting number.
Public propertyEndnotesNumberingFormat
Gets or sets the endnotes numbering format.
Public propertyEndnotesNumberingRestartType
Gets or sets the type of the endnotes numbering restart.
Public propertyEndnotesPosition
Gets or sets the endnotes position.
Public propertyFieldsDisplayMode
Public propertyFirstLayoutBox (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyFootnotesFirstNumber
Gets or sets the footnotes starting number.
Public propertyFootnotesNumberingFormat
Gets or sets the footnotes numbering format.
Public propertyFootnotesNumberingRestartType
Gets or sets the type of the footnotes numbering restart.
Public propertyFootnotesPosition
Gets or sets the footnotes position.
Public propertyHasDifferentEvenAndOddHeadersFooters
Gets or sets a value indicating whether headers and footers are different in even and odd pages.
Public propertyHasStyle (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyHistory
Gets the document history instance of this document.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Gets a value indicating whether the document is empty.
Protected propertyIsFirstLayoutBoxInitialized (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyIsStrictLineBreakingRuleEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the strict line breaking rule will be applied to Japanese text in this document.
Public propertyIsTrackChangesEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is track changes enabled.
Public propertyLastLayoutBox
Traverses AssociatedLayoutBoxes to find the last
(Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyLayoutMode
Gets or sets a value representing the current layout mode.
Public propertyLineBreakingRuleLanguage
Gets or sets the language which rules should be used for line breaking in the paragraphs.
Public propertyLineSpacing
Gets or set the line spacing of this document.
Public propertyLineSpacingType
Gets or set the line spacing type of this document.
Public propertyListManager
Public propertyLists
Public propertyListStyles
Public propertyMailMergeDataSource
Public propertyNextSibling (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyNoLineBreaksAfterRule
Gets or sets a rule determining which characters cannot end a line in East-Asian languages.
Public propertyNoLineBreaksBeforeRule
Gets or sets a rule determining which characters cannot start a line in East-Asian languages.
Public propertyOriginalProperties (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyPageViewMargin Obsolete.
Public propertyParagraphDefaultSpacingAfter
Gets or sets the default spacing after a paragraph.
Public propertyParagraphDefaultSpacingBefore
Gets or sets the default spacing before a paragraph.
Public propertyParent (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyPreviousSibling (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyProtectionSettings
Public propertyRevisionInfo (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertySectionDefaultPageMargin
Gets or sets the default section page margin.
Public propertySectionDefaultPageOrientation
Gets or sets the default section page orientation
Public propertySectionDefaultPageSize
Gets or sets the default section page size.
Public propertySections
Gets a collection with the sections of the document.
Public propertySelectedBibliographicStyle
Public propertySelectedBibliographicStyleName
Public propertySelection
Gets a value representing the document selection.
Public propertyShowBookmarks
Gets or sets a value whether to show bookmarks.
Public propertyShowFormattingSymbols
Gets or sets a value whether to show formatting symbols.
Public propertyShowMergeFieldsHighlight
Public propertyShowReadOnlyRangesHighlight
Public propertyStructureChangeInProgress
Gets a value whether a structure change is in progress.
Public propertyStyle
(Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyStyleName (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyStyleRepository
Public propertyStyles
Public propertyTag
String property that allows developers to attach custom data to the DocumentElement. The value of this property will be copied to DocumentElements created out of this DocumentElement during editing.
(Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyTheme
Public eventDocumentArranged
Occurs when the document has been arranged.
Public eventDocumentContentChanged
Public eventDocumentElementAdded
Occurs when when a document element is added in the whole document tree.
Public eventDocumentElementRemoved
Occurs when when a document element is removed from the whole document tree.
Public eventDocumentVariableEvaluating
Public eventHyperlinkClicked
Occurs when the users clicks on a hyperlink in the current document
Public eventLayoutModeChanged
Occurs when the LayoutMode property value has changed
Public eventMergeFieldToStringConverting
Public eventParentChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventParentChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventPresentationChanged
Occurs when document presentation is changed.
Public eventPresentationChanging
Occurs when the document presenter is changing.
Public eventPropertyValueChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventProtectionSettingsChanged
Public eventRequestCurrentUserInfo
Public eventStreamFromUriResolving
Public eventStyleChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventStyleChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventStylePropertyChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventUserAuthenticationRequest
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