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SignatureDataProperties Class
Defines a set of data properties represending a digital signature.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Fixed.Model.DigitalSignatures
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Fixed (in Telerik.Windows.Documents.Fixed.dll) Version: 2018.2.511.40 (2018.2.511.40)
public class SignatureDataProperties

The SignatureDataProperties type exposes the following members.

Public methodSignatureDataProperties
Initializes a new instance of the SignatureDataProperties class.
Public propertyByteRange
Gets an array of pairs of integers (starting byte offset, length in bytes) describing the exact byte range for the digest calculation.
Public propertyCertificates
Gets a collection of X.509 certificate chain used when signing and verifying signatures.
Public propertyChanges
Gets an array of three integers specifying changes to the document that have been made between the previous signature and this signature.
Public propertyContactInfo
Gets contact information enabling a recipient to contact the signer to verify the signature.
Public propertyContents
Gets the signature value.
Public propertyFieldName
Gets the name of the signature form field associated with this properties.
Public propertyFilter
Gets the name of the preferred signature handler to use when validating this signature.
Public propertyLocation
Gets the CPU host name or physical location of the signing.
Public propertyName
Gets the name of the person or authority signing the document.
Public propertyReason
Gets the reason for the signing.
Public propertySignatureDictionaryVersion
Gets the version of the signature dictionary format.
Public propertySignatureHandlerVersion
Gets the version of the signature handler used to create the signature.
Public propertySubFilter
Gets a name that describes the encoding of the signature value and key information in the signature dictionary.
Public propertyTimeOfSigning
Gets or sets the time of signing.
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